Apex Legends leaks suggest that the new character could be Bangalores brother

One of the biggest APEX Legend’s character leaks we have ever seen has appeared online and seems to reveal details about the next nine legends that will connect the Battle Royale from Respawn Entertainment. Newcastle, the “most complete” legend of all, is said to be rumors Jackson Williams, the brother of Bangalore, and the support legend to wait for the Apex fans.

The latest APEX Legend’s character leaks, which are put together here Apexuncovered-subreddit, present the unfinished builds of nine upcoming playable legends. However, the fans are sure that Newcastle (the visually finished legend in the leaks) will be the next new face we will see in the apex games.

Charlie Intel, the point of sale, which the leaks first discovered online, doubles the idea and quotes Newcastles “crafted” animations and textures as proof that he is the next 1. If you look at his skilled skills, he can not come early enough. Newcastle could be the next support legend, the Apex urgently needs.

The passive ability of Newcastle seems to bring the long-lost resuscitation sign of Lifeline with the following description in the game again: “Drag deed allies while you resolve, and protect you with your resuscitation sign.”

Mobile Shield, the tactical ability of Newcastle, is also shield-based – as the name implies. This will allow the players to “throw a controllable drone that produces a moving energy booth”. Castle Wall, allegedly the ultimate ability of Newcastle, was leaked with the following description: “Jump and blow to a targeted or a target area and create a fortified fortress”.

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Of course, it is worth enjoying these leaks with caution until we have a confirmation – but it sounds like Newcastle Gibraltar to bring to the next step, with more shields than you can shake with a stick.

The theory that Newcastle is the brother of Bangalore is loose, but not completely unfounded. Jackson played an important role in Season 11 in an Olympus easter egg and then stepped up as the main character in the Gridiron Animation Film – which you can view below.

In conjunction with a handful of leaks, the IMC-based skins for Newcastle, it is easy to understand why fans have interconnected the points and believe that these upcoming legend could be Bangalore’s brother. There are also a number of Jackson’s challenges that say reports on the shooting range of Apex Legends – you can check the shooting range calls out leak out here.

Other possible upcoming Apex Legends characters that are leaked are: uplink, the satellite scatter; Vantage, a survival artist sniper; Catalyst, a creative master builder; Phantom, an agile assassin; Narr, a tricky trapman; Calibre, the Apex arms dealer; SCRryer, a haunting stalker; and conduit, an empathic protector.

Respawn Entertainment still needs to publish an explanation of these APEX Legend’s character leaks – but the original postings have been removed. This could indicate their legitimacy, but we will not be sure to know until this information is confirmed – which may not be the case for some time. Sounds Newcastle like a legend that could make a name for itself on our ranking of Apex Legends? We would like to believe it, but only the time will show it.

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