What makes Elemental affinity on armor in Destiny 2?

Elemental affinity was part of recycled armor 2.0, which appeared in Destiny 2 back at the end of 2019. Parts of armor (helmet, chest, hands, legs and class items) are now related to them element (Solar, Arc, Void, Stasis). And it determines the types of mods that can be inserted into this part of the armor.

Initially, this choice was very limited, and certain weapons modifications were available for certain elements. It was a headache, and there were few rhymes or reasons for what could be inserted into each armor element.

Initial proximity to elemental


  • Machine guns
  • Gun
  • Luke
  • Pulse rifles
  • Swords


How To Change Element Types On Armor - Void, Solar, And Arc Energy Armor Types - Destiny 2 New Light
* Hand guns
* Grenomatomy
* Scout rifles
* Sniper rifles
* Pistols


  • Automatic rifles
  • Fusion rifle
  • Rifle Linear Fusion
  • Pistols-machine guns
  • Rocket installations

Since then, Bungie has revised Elemental affinity and added Stasis as a fourth option. Guardians can now change part of armor to another element for a certain price. The cost is determined by the number of improvements on armor. It entered into force with the extension of Beyond Light.

Updated Elemental Science


  • Middle Fashion Fashion
  • Secondary bonus, which is activated by the second ARC mod, installed either on this part of the armor, or in the combat style slot of another subject.


  • Modifications of class abilities
  • Provide powerful effects at relatively low energy by improving the characteristics.


  • Fashion pomegranates and health

  • Fashion folds with each other, unless otherwise indicated


  • Situational modes of regeneration abilities
  • Gives powerful benefits with higher energy cost

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