Switch body update “Ver. 14.0.0” delivery! Folder function “group” added

Nintendo distributed the latest system version “14.0.0” of Nintendose switch.

In this update, the HOME menu adds “ group function “. You can now create groups and register your favorite software. Groups are created by software genres and manufacturers, etc., making the desired software easier to find.

Groups can be created up to 100, and up to 200 software can be registered in one group. If there are 13 or more soft icons, you can create from “All Software” displayed at the right edge of the HOME menu. Please check the support page for details.

Exciting new features in nRF Connect SDK v1.8

Also, the volume operation of “Bluetooth audio ” is also changed. From the switch body, the volume of the Bluetooth audio device can be operated, and when the volume button of the Bluetooth audio device is operated, the volume display on the screen is also reflected.

Besides this, the maximum output volume of some Bluetooth audio devices is large. This means that the Bluetooth audio device needs to correspond to the AVRCP profile.

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