Elden Ring: How to find all legendary weapons in the game

If you have already read our test to Elden Ring as well as our instructions for multiplayer mode and follows diligently our entry-level tips, then you certainly strip more than successfully through the intermediate country. Maybe you approach the end and are still looking for the last big objects in the game?

Caution spoiler! Some of the legendary weapons can only be found in later areas or gets them in the course of quests and boss fighting. Therefore, all these things are mentioned in the following article mention.

Elden Ring - All Legendary Armament Locations (Legendary Weapons)

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Page 1. Great sword of the transplanted, sword of the night and the flame and debris-wholesaler

Page 2. Henkerschword of the Marais, SHOTEL of EKLIPSE and more

Page 3. Picture gallery to “Elden Ring: all locations of legendary weapons”

A collective object, in whose completion you will also reward you on all platforms with a trophy or a success, the legendary weapons are . Whole nine pieces are there and all are well hidden or hide behind difficult tasks and quests. To make your search easier, we’ll tell you all locations of legendary weapons.

The great sword of transplantation

The first legendary weapon of our list is comparatively early in the game and some players have perhaps the extraordinary sword even before the victory over Margit under the nail. You find the great sword of transplantation namely in Limgrave, more precisely on the peninsula of tears.

In the south of the peninsula, Schloss Mornne, a handsome castle that hides several valuable items. At the end of Castle Morne you get to a beach where a boss stops, the lion-like Scheusal . If you triumph over the inconsistent, beckons as a reward the great sword of transplantation, which is certainly not visually strongly reminiscent of the throne of Game of Thrones without reason.

The sword of the night and the flame

Even if the sword of the night and the flame after the last patch is not so powerful after the last patch, as before, it still belongs to the legendary weapons of Elden Ring (Buy Now 53,98 € / 50,99 € ). The magnificent sword is located in a treasure chest in the house Caria , above in the northwest of Liurnia. As soon as you have reached the first place of grace in the house, you go outside on the bridges and turn left at the first opportunity

Follow the way and turn right again right. On your left side is now a roof that jumps you and then goes on another, underlying roof. Slips down the ladder before you and opens the treasure chest, then you hold the sword of the night and the flame in your hands.

The debris big sword

The powerful legendary weapon named debris whale sword is a reward for an extremely nasty duo boss in the red teeth fortress , in the south of Caelid. At the end of the castle you come to a place where you first attack the already known lion-like Scheusal, only for a short time support from a melting pot knight.

If you suddenly clarify with two bosses so well, we recommend the use of the Imitatortranenasche to compensate for the forums. Because in the red teeth fortress but also the Radahn Festival takes place, you can complete the duo boss fight only before the start or after the end of the festivities and unpack the debris wholesale. The locations of the remaining six legendary weapon will tell you on the next page!

Page 1 Great sword of the transplanted, sword of the night and the flame and debris whale sword

Page 2 Henkerschword of the Marais, SHOTEL of EKLIPSE and more

Page 3 picture gallery to Elden Ring: All locations of the legendary weapons

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