New Starfield clip shows robots

Really, we still do not know about Starfield, the new AAA RPG from Bethesda. Except for a short trailer of E3 2021, almost exclusively developer videos are published. However, anyone who listens here closely and looks, learns some interesting details about the project.

The latest edition even contains a few seconds Gameplay – or at least in-engine material . To see is a robot that welcomes us as “Captain” and asks how he can help us. Said clip you can see here:

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Starfield FINALLY Gets A Big Update From Todd Howard and Bethesda! New Gameplay Clips and Art!
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That’s probably the first known Starfield Compagnion

How do we know that it is a companion? If you see the complete video, the short cutout with the robot of Todd Howard is initiated by talking about compagnives in Starfield. These should react more to our deeds than in The Elder Scrolls or Fallout – the characters have their own stories, but were hardly interested in our decisions.

Let’s start from the minute 3:30:

As a model Mass Effect could serve. Each team member has a personality in the BioWare Roleplay, which affects their feelings over the deeds of Shepard. However, in Starfield, we will probably only be accompanied temporarily from NPCs, which help us for a while and then go back to their own ways.

Here you can find more info about the game world and the NPCs:

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More personality for the NPCs: therefore calculates that other characters react much more dynamic to you and the environment. Another point that is Bethesda’s important are the direct interactions. In dialogues, there will no longer be an answer that is obviously correct. In this way, the talks are to feel true.

On the E3 2021 there was at least one in-engine trailer to see:

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When do we finally see more of Starfield?

Starfield should appear at the end of 2022 for the Xbox Series X / S, but the information is still only droplet by us. At some point, Microsoft and Bethesda finally have to put on the curtain completely and show us real gameplay. But when is the time?

According to rumors, Microsoft 2022 still plans three major Xbox events: in May, June and September. The probability is high that Starfield will be represented on the two latter. As part of the E3 show, a trailer could be shown and then follow a Deep Dive in the game mechanics in the fall.

Do you think starfield can build on the success of Skyrim and Fallout?

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