Explanation of the problem of Anisotropian filter settings Horizon Zero Dawn PC

The launch of the Horizon Zero Dawn PC port did not go well. Although everyone does not know it, a good number of players reported that the game randomly planted shortly after its launch, making it unplayable. Another problem that some players have encountered the anisotropic filter setting. The problem is a known problem and affects many players. Unfortunately, there is no direct solution to this problem. Those who have developed the port, Guerrilla Games, have published a declaration the sharing plans to investigate the cause of accidents and other problems that afflict the port.

Anisotropic filtering is the way your computer’s graphics make your camera perspective in the game and details oblique viewing angles. For example, when you look at the floor down, the view up and away from your position seems commonly blurred and confused. On the other hand, with anisotropic filtering, it’s a little clearer and you can see further than you would normally. It improves the graphic experience of your standing position, especially when exploring massive games in open world.

The developers are aware of the anisotropic filtering problems, described in the announcement message for Horizon Zero Dawn to come on Steam. It is listed in the known issues and is part of their highest priorities to study and resolve. But the message does not give an overview of the time that development estimates that the problem could take. This could go a week after the initial launch of the game on 7 August to several weeks. You can make sure to frequently visit Horizon Zero Dawn News Feeds to be informed of any progress made.

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Once the problems are solved, the prospect of your camera from where you are expected to improve considerably and make exploration of the robotic world filled with Horizon Dinosaurs Zero Dawn much more dynamic and rewarding. There is a lot to explore and, hopefully, Guerrilla Games will be able to improve the graphic nightmare that players live at all times.

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