The Star Wars Eclipse developer responds to delay rumors

Quantic Dream has responded to rumors about Eclipse of war of the galaxies release date. At the end of 2021, Quantic Dream announced its next game, Star Wars Eclipse, a story of multiple protagonists set in the era of the Upper Republic. Unless a program or a film is released before, this game will be the first story outside the books that addresses this part of the Star Wars universe, since it takes place before the precurs. As such, Quantic Dream has the task of visualizing this part of the Star Wars universe, but it could happen a while before the fanatics can see it. Initially, it was rumored that Star Wars Eclipse would be launched around 2024, but a later rumor suggested that the game could have been delayed internally until 2027.

Quantum Dream Covered GamesRading that Eclipse of war of the galaxies has not been delayed, because there is no official launch date. The spokesperson also pointed out that the company had increased its workforce by 50%, apparently restoring the rumors that the company is struggling to hire people. At the moment, it is not clear when the game will appear again, but it seems that Quantic Dream is very committed to the project. «Eclipse of war of the galaxies has not been delayed because Quantic Dream never announced or promised a launch window for the title,” said the spokesman. “Recruitment remains active while working on Eclipse of war of galaxies publications from third parties and unannounced projects».

HOW Star Wars Eclipse was DELAYED

Although its existence was confirmed several months ago, rumors of development problems in Star Wars Eclipse __ have already emerged. The study has had trouble adapting its engine for Eclipse of war of the Galaxies since previously it has been used for more cinematographic games such as Detroit: Become a human and not the traditional games of action. In the same way, according to reports, a multiplayer mode is planned for the game, but the team is struggling to imagine how it will be seen. The study did not have a playable version of the game either, so if that is true, it seems unlikely that the game will be revealed soon. Of course, these are only rumors and should be taken with tweezers.

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