The next Inscryption update adds an infinite mode

Daniel Mullins and return digital have announced kaycee’s mod , a free expansion for inscryption that will be available tomorrow. After the update, the game will add an infinite mode centered on the part of the cabin.

OFFICIAL PIRATE BOSS! It is AWESOME! | Inscryption Kaycee's mod

This update, in Beta since the end of last year, adds new letters and objects and rebalance the game to work as a more traditional letters roguelite. Mullins recognizes that this was one of the requests most repeated after the launch of the game, and that is Kaycee’s Mod; “And a little more,” he clarifies.

A larger, there is a new final confrontation for those who reach level 12, and who knows if some more surprise.

Knowing Mullins and having played with great passion Inscryption, it is tempting to wait some surprise, of course. It was the surprises one of the reasons why Inscryption was overcling between our favorite games of 2021, although it was not only for that: it is also a game with a bright design, which starts in this cottage that will now become an infinite mode But he ends up going much further, extending his radio of action even outside the same video game, a very shocking narrative exercise and that made him one of the great surprises of last year.

At the moment it is only in PC, by the way, but Mullins himself has said that “there are plans” to take him to consoles, surely this year.

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