Giorgi Sudakov “could play for Barcelona”, but he sits in a bunker: Donetsk coach criticizes Ukraine

Shachtjor DoneEzk’s former youth coach Fernando Valente made aware of the fate of his ex-protectors Giorgi Sudakov (19) with a social media post and protested against the war in Ukraine.

The young footballer could seek a big career, instead, the Russian invasion to hide him in a bunker, the Portuguese wrote in a much-laid contribution to Twitter.

His heart is “broken” in the face of the “pointless war” in his former adhesive home, so valente. He led: “Sudakov was the most talented player I’ve ever trained. A Ukrainian international, who has recently extended his contract with Schachtjor until 2026. A wonderful person who expects a little daughter with his wife Lisa. They had dreams who wanted to fulfill. These dreams are bursting in a bunker through a pointless war. “

For this, the coach posted a picture of Sudakovs with his partner, which was alleged in a bunker in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

He prayed “for all the young players and friends”, which had made him happy in Ukraine in his two years, so the coach continued.

Valente, at Donetsk once, among other things, for the U21, also talked to the Portuguese agency agnecia Lusa via Sudakov: “This is a boy with enormous potential. He could even play for Barcelona or Manchester City.” We combine a great relationship. “

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Sudakov has been playing Shachtjor since 2017 and managed its breakthrough with the professionals last year. He completed three internationals for Ukraine. Before the war-related demolition of the season, the offensive midfielder scored four goals in ten league missions. Sudakov also launched Sudakov for Donetsk in the Champions League.

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