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Mr. Takamura Kotudo, Yamura, who owned Tendo, commented on January 11, and the character designed by itself, commented that “I watched it now”. He seems to face the design of the Chinkle again while thinking about “Majora of Zelda’s legend Mujra”.

Kazuo Imamura is a creator who was once enrolled in Nintendo. He has been involved in various titles as art director and producer. He primarily supervises the “F-ZERO” series and “Starfox” series. He is also involved as an art director in the “Masked Mujura of Zelda”, and is also famous as a parent of the crisis of cinchl. He left Nintendo in 2021 and is currently active as a freelance while teaching at Osaka International Institute of Technology.

Chinkle is a middle-aged character of whole body tights. He is losing to becoming a fairy and often causes an action that does not extend to understanding. He is a little naive and is a fairy-tale behavior. He also to repeat a suspicious line, such as “Kurlinga”. It appeared in “Majora of the legend of Zelda” and has attracted popularity as a character with both unusual and cuteness.

He has also appeared in other works, and Cinchle has reached its main character game “Rupee land of Cinchle’s Rugs Lucpyland” and “Cinchle Love of Love”. “The Legend of Zelda Legend Mujra Majora Majora” As of “Zelda’s Legend” series, Hinuma Hinhei, who is “I want you to make a horn character with a balloon back through the balloon”, Art. The director (Mr. Imamura) was a chin that was drawn. “

About such a chin, Mr. Kohiya, who is his birth, Mr. Koji, “” Zelda’s legendary Mujra’s Masked Masked Masked Masked Masked Masked Masked “Quotes RT. He has attracted attention that “I’m going to aim at Kimokawa at that time, but now ????”. “The Mask of the Legend of Zelda” has recently been able to play by joining the paid monthly service Nintendo Switch Online + additional pack. There are more users who meet Chinkle again. Mr. Imamura has been reacted to a post such a user.

On the other hand, there is a part that is suggested that his “Kimoi”. For example, Chinkle has a discourse that it is disliked in some areas. Specifically, the trend is rid of the tide that cinchl is hated in the United States. For example, if you search “Hate Tingle” in Google, a page that tells you that there is a metaphorical method such as “Americans Hate Tingle”, and “why Americans don’t like cings?” Hit a forum post. Even if you search “Chinkle”, only the site that is disliked overseas is lined up. On the other hand, I can not see much opinion that I hate Chinkle in Japan. In contrast.

The reason why Cinchle is disliked by Americans, proposed by searching for “Americans Hate Tingle”. The most important pointed out is the discomfort to the “Kido Uncle” character that behaves like a child while being a midway. YouTuber’s Maverick Taylaa, like Chinkle, “Final Fantasy X” Tiida also pointed out that it has not been accepted in Europe and the United States because the behavior and the inner surface seem to be children. In addition, there is also a user who needs to pay a large amount of rupee to the Chinkle at the incidental trifunction of the “Zelda’s legendary tact”, and there is also a user who points out that it is connected to the reason that it is hated (reddit).

In any case, the idea that the cinchle is not accepted by the Japan in the United States. “The rugs of the chin Chinkle” will be released only in Japan and Europe, and “Balloon lip of Kinkuru’s Love” is released only in Japan. Both the United States are not in the selling country, so it will be a sidewalk that has such an unpopular theory. In fact, Cinnle is “the legendary of Zelda” series, “The Legend of Zelda is significantly reduced from the legendary tact of Zelda.

At that time, there was a popularity, but recently, the turn of the turn is plainly decreased. If you think so, Mr. Mr. Imamura’s “I was going to aim for Kimokawa at that time, but I’m still a good thing ????” is a comment that exquisitely suggesting the subtle position of the current Chinkle, I can not do it. On the other hand, Mr. Imamura commented that “I want you to inherit the nostalgic development department that adopts such a unusual character without hesitation in the royal road series.” Even if there is no Chinkle, strange characters continue to be created in Nintendo works and “Zelda legend” titles. Imamura and Chinkle’s thoughts will be taken over. In any case, it is definitely no doubt that Chinkle was a character that gave an intense impression for both developers and users.

By the way, Mr. Imamura is also active on Twitter activities. We spill out the memories of the Nintendo era, tweet the impression of “Elden Ring”, and enjoy “F-ZERO X” implemented in Nintendo Switch Online and enjoy fans and pretty cute. Nintendo fans are good to try to follow his account.

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