Gotham Knights confirms its final launch date

GOTHAM KNIGHTS Report in the calendar its launch date. The new Adventure of the DC universe in the video game will debut next October 25 in PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC.

“Gotham will always need your heroes,” begins the official Twitter account in a brief message. “Prepare for an unpublished adventure on October 25, 2022,” they conclude. The confirmation appears only 48 hours after the Steam databKNIGHTSe detected a game test. Its weight, 82.41 GB, is the only concrete data that the file shared, which hKNIGHTS already been deleted.

Gotham Knights - We FINALLY Have a Release Date! New Trailer COMING SOON?!

Gotham Knights, the bat universe in cooperative format

One of the peculiarities of Gotham Knights with respect to the Batman Arkham saga is the possibility to share the experience with a friend. Fleur Marty, his executive producer, KNIGHTSsured in an interview that combat hKNIGHTS been redesigned to fit a second companion.

“Of course, we are still a Brawler, and some of the mechanics will not feel aliens for someone who hKNIGHTS played and enjoyed the Arkham saga, but in many ways it is very different,” he said. Yes, it shares certain elements with Rocksteady’s work does not mean that ties go to more. They are not part of the same universe; It will narrate an original story.

Remember that the Warner Bros Montreal title will allow us to play KNIGHTS Batgirl, Robin, Red Hood or Nightwing, who will have to take care of the city before the absence of the dark gentleman. Despite its cooperative features you can enjoy solo KNIGHTS an adventure singleplayer anymore. At first he expected his launch at some point in the pKNIGHTSt 2021. The problems derived from the pandemic were the main detonator to delay it 12 more months.

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