The Initiative: Perfect Dark Game Director has not left the studio without reason

The initiative seems to have recorded another outlet. As discovered by Twitter users “Klofoil”, Dan Neuburger announced via Linkedin that he is no longer employed at The Initiative.

Klobrbille expressed itself as follows for the possible reasons: “Dan Neuburger, Game Director at Perfect Dark, has left the initiative. He was about 3 years and 8 months. I think I’m starting to understand the idea behind The Initiative. It looks like a studio that starts a project and leads it through the concept, prototype and pre-production phase to it then using another studio that has the necessary workforce in this Case Crystal Dynamics to transform into full production. ”

The Initiative - Perfect Dark Developer Interview - The Game Awards 2020

“This also explains the comment, small and movable ‘and also… the name of the studio. It is clear to me that some people will operate black painting again, but it could also mean that the game continued to progress when people think. 2023 could stand on the plan, I think. “

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