Jackass Forever: Our interview with Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine – this is how a Jackass arises

Jackass Forever is the fourth and possibly last movie with the original Jackass troupe around Steve-O, Pontius, Wee-Man and Co. When it comes to leaders * Johnny Knoxville * is the last flap for The cult delivery but not like it.
The 51-year-old still has another stunt in mind, which prevents him to close the chapter Jackass for all for all.
In the interview we talk to Knoxville about his long and impressive career and let us inaugurate from Jackass director Jeff Tremaine in the lengthy process, as a Jackass movie is created over the individual production phases.
We learn, among other things, what Jackass talks about ordinary stunts and Pranks on YouTube and Co. which core disciplines are to master it as a true Jackass and which amazing things can be learned in the filming.

In the end, it will be even properly emotional, when Johnny Knoxville tells us about the love between his colleagues and then fired a hateful battle announcement towards Wrestler Sami Zayn, against whom he will deny a match at Wrestlemania. Have fun while reading!

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Find the right level in the penatens

PC Games: How does the idea of ​​understanding in a Jackass movie? What is the individual input of the individual performer? Do you have meetings or e-mail chains in which you pitch each other ideas?

Jeff Tremaine: Some mails, yes. With this movie we had many zoom meetings. We have written many ideas, then started with the shooting, then after five days the pandemic has caught us. We have completed production completely and only recorded seven months later. In these seven months, we met twice a week on zoom to further develop ideas. We were very productive during the pandemic. We then started turning again in the pandemic, everything brought up again.

The ideas come from all. From the people you do. Of us from us. He [Knoxville] and I write a pile of ideas. Some we write alone, some with each other.

Johnny Knoxville: We write the lion’s share, but people are also coming to us and add something to the ideas. Everyone helps you miss a painting. It is a group use.

PCG : Is everything already planned in advance, or some ideas are still developed on the fast?

Jeff Tremaine: We find him completely when cutting. This is actually an interesting process. There are all self-contained, freestanding segments that you can push back and forth as building blocks. That’s a big part of the magic. To determine what follows. This is changing until the day we have to submit the movie ultimately. That’s the fun part of the process.

PCG: It was already confirmed that there will be a Jackass 4.5, which means that a lot of material has been cut. How do you decide which scenes are cut and how is the cutting of Jackass Forever from Jackass 4.5?

Johnny Knoxville: Jackass 4.5 has additionally heap-style Behind-the-Scenes material. On the one hand, we have great scenes that did not make it into the movie for one day or another and we have the time to talk about the individual places.

Jeff Tremaine: When you come into the cut, everything is already turned on for the movie. The one scene is very similar to the other, so you throw it out. It is tricky. But it’s fun. If we think that Jackass 4.5 is good, then we know, the movie is great. I would say we have become quite consistent in working on a GAG until he works. We have a lot of good material that did not make it into the movie. We always know that. You have to kiss frogs until you find a prince.

PCG: Sometimes a bit is likely to be rather exciting, but then someone hands over and suddenly it becomes a disgusting segment and then no longer fits the intended position…

Jeff Tremaine: exactly! Maybe there is too much puke. Or too many penises. Or what ever. Things land from a variety of reasons in 4.5.

A normal day in the torture cellar

PCG: There are a lot of new faces in the Jackass gear. What has the newcomers shocked the most. What did not you expect at all when you came to the set?

Jackass Forever’s Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine on Jackass 4.5 and What’s in the Extended Cut
Johnny Knoxville: They have no idea about what we will do. Stunts, yes. We send a rotary plan out with specific stuff like the stunts. But as far as pranks are concerned, you know nothing. Of course, we do not write the Pranks on the rotary plan. We write something in that we do not even turn when we plan a prank.

PCG: You are probably a master of manipulation. How you bring people to relax in your presence, even though they must be constantly on the hat before being strangled.

Johnny Knoxville: You are never relaxed in our presence (laughs). If you come to the set, that is not a relaxed situation there.

Jeff Tremaine: That’s more of our crew. You do not trust us at all. But you have friends within the crew. All of them. When we put someone, everyone on the set must behave normally. It is a group task. We have the same crew we always had. Only people came to it. But everyone carries his part when it comes to scare these people.

Johnny Knoxville: I would call two examples for the crew in absolute high form. On the one hand, when we pulled out “Silence of the Lambs” and on the other hand at “vomitron”, when we suddenly turned everything in Vietnam. Everyone went on toe tips and have given their best. I’m so proud of her. “Silence of the Lambs” was an immenser prank.

Jeff Tremaine: Alone the circumstances. We have brought you down in this cellar. (laughs) We have shot that fairly early, until this point in time we had not filled them so often. We did it without spoiling it with other pranks. That was one of the first. They are suspiciously. So if anyone behaved suspiciously on this day, they would have pissed immediately.

On page 2 of our interview, Jeff Tremaine and Johnny Knoxville still tell us what insights they have gained in more than 20 years of professional accident causing, which in their opinion makes a good prank and what special skills or characteristics must bring someone to bring in the Jackass crew to be recorded.

Page 1 JACKASS FOREVER: Interview with Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine – Page 1

Page 2 JACKASS FOREVER: Interview with Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine – Page 2

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