Ukraine imposed lifetime lock against ex-Bavaria

The Ukrainian Football Association has made its threat to the former Bavaria professional Anatoliy Tymoshchuk and withdraw the trainer license.

The Control and Disciplinary Commission founded its decision that Tymoshchuk “Since the beginning of the military aggression of Russia against Ukraine, not only not publicly expressed, but has not hired its cooperation with the Aggressor’s association”.

Tymoshchuk, with 144 inserts Record National Players of Ukraine, has been co-trainer in Russia since 2017 at Zenit St. Petersburg. The 42-year-old also involves all the titles he won on Ukrainian soil, he is deleted from the player’s register of the national team and he was banned “on lifetime, in the field of Ukraine football to play,” it said in the message.

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The “conscious decision” Tymoshchuks can not be expressed, pity the “image of Ukrainian football” and infringe a clause of the association’s ethics and fair play code.

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