Of-Drink-A-Dreaming is the first Genshin Impact Bartense event that gives you the opportunity to test your beverage mixing skills in your own institution Angel’s Share Monstadt. The event takes place from from March 10, 2022 to March 21, 2022. and open to all players who fulfilled the following conditions:

  • Recyc the rank of adventure 28 or higher
  • Complete the head of the Interlude Archon Quest: ACT I – The Crane Returns on the Wind.
  • Complete the story quest Euly, head “Afros Delos: Act I – a helicopter will never return to the sea.”

Note : Scene Quest Yula usually requires the 40th grade of adventure and one key of history for launch, but the level requirement is reduced to the 28th grade of the adventure, and the cost of the history key is not charged during this event.


All suitable players will automatically receive an event quest called of-Drink-a-Dreaming, which will suggest you to talk to Luka before the share of Angel. Then he will take you to the tavern, where Charles will teach you to mix drinks.

Tavern fairy tales

During the event, various characters will attend the “share of angels” to order drinks. Follow their requests to get rewards from Primogems to Mora and Tavern Shaker: Frumous Oscillation For completing all seven Tavent fairy tales during the event period.

Not all characters will be posted on the first day, so check every day To find new faces for servicing in the tavern.

how to mix drinks

Read the customer’s order in the upper left corner of the screen. Then press the “Recipes” button in the lower left corner to open a window containing all recipes of drinks that you can explore this event.

How To Play: Of Drink A-Dreaming Day 1 Event Guide | Tavern Tales & Bartending Event Genshin Impact
Customers will either tell you what exactly they want, either give you small hints, for example, want coffee with a kick or any kind of tea. They will also tell you about the approximate size of the cup they want, so be sure to carefully read their dialogue.

The “Recipes” menu will tell you how to cook each drink. Unlock ??? And the recipes are blocked by I make them for the first time . When you are ready to mix drink, select the basis and flavors on the right side of the bartender screen. Each click will be Add one unit selected ingredient. If you accidentally put too much, press the button to start first the button next to the recipes to repeat the attempt.

After selecting the ingredients, click “Next” to start mixing. Use Motion buttons on your device and click them in exact order specified by the arrow keys in the middle of the screen.

As soon as it is done, you need to choose the size of the cup. The counter will constantly move up and down between sizes. Press to confirm button as soon as it reaches the size in which you want to submit a drink.

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