Are there special editions for StarShip Troopers – Terran Command?

There is only one list of StarShip Troopers – Terran Command on par, and this is the basic version. Marco Marco City Director A. Minoli said that there will be no more release games. Interview Slitherinetv Twitch. Star landing – The Terran Command will not be a special publication .

Are there any bonuses for pre-ordered StarShip Troopers – Terran Command?

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In the same interview, Minoli also said that StarShip Troopers – Terraran will not be bonuses for pre-order or. Minoli did not go into the details of his reasoning, he simply said that they would like everyone to receive the basic version of the game.

This does not mean that players should not expect improvements. In the same interview, he mentioned that the team considers the possibility of adding a cooperative to the game after its release, so it is open to add additional functions in the future.

The demo version has already received many positive feedback, and it seems that it will be one of the best games of Starship Troopers. The basic game includes everything that should come along with the game, so maybe you will not get more, but also do not get less.

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