Where to find a dark moon ring for a quest of a wound in Elden Ring?

In Elden Ring, players need to find certain objects to move in certain quests associated with NPC. One of these items is the ring of the dark moon, which is necessary to complete the quest chain of the early Ring in Elden Ring.

TO Dark Moon Ring Located in Treasure Chest Large Library of Paradise Lukaria . The treasure chest will appear in this place only after players will receive an elected key from the palace, winning ominous shadow . This is a place where players will defeat Rennalla, Queen of the full moon . The place of grace will appear after the victory over Rennalla, and the players will have to visit this place to resurrect the wound after the battle with astel, inborn emptiness.

how to get a dark moon ring for the end of the stars era

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An ominous shadow is a spiritual analogue Bleidd which is located in Noxtell, the eternal city. After the victory over him, the Early says goodbye to the sweat, but this is not the end of her quest chain. The quest continues, and the players will need to fight with astel, inborn emptiness, on the lake rot. You will find a magic wall blocking the path of the Cathedral of Manusa Celes, and you can open it with a dark moon ring.

Go to the Large Lucaria Lukaria library to get a dark moon ring, and go back to the lake rotted to unlock the fog wall. Move forward to the Cathedral of Manusa Celes and descend into the tunnel below, where you will find the body of the Early. Put on the Ring of the Dark Moon on the finger of the Early to bring her back to life.

Find the Ring of the Dark Moon and give it to the Early – important steps in this quest, if players want to get the era of stars ends in Elden Ring. If you have completed these quests before visiting Fractured Marika, you will have the opportunity to choose one of several endings.

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