New Policy Announcement on “Dema Fake News Caller” -The Conspiracy of New Coronavirus

Live Streaming Delivery Services Twitch announced a new policy for “spam, fraud, and other malicious acts” in the community guidelines.

Community guidelines that have been identified by users with each other with the same service full of various content. This time it has been added “Prohibition of content or abutment for services in Twitch, other users’ experiences, equipment, prohibit interference, blocking, and impossible content or actions” (detailed list is here).

Among them “Policies for the caller of Dema Fake News” are more specifically described, and in particular for new coronavirus infections (COVID-19), “Related to incorrect information There are parts such as a delemer and widely diffused conspiracy theory of health.

This policy is for users who repeatedly disseminate Dema Fake News, “(1) Generally filtered but widely diffused (2) harmful and incorrect information (3) Penalty is imposed if the conditions such as “” will be spread.

However, this is not applicable to “individual speeches and discussions on the channel”, but anyway is determined based on actions inside and outside Twitch.

In addition, Twitch continues to improve the policy to effectively approach expert guidance and community, and more about the industry’s movement, and even the entire industry’s movement, in the. We are also talking about consultation with experts.

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