Final Fantasy 14: Patch 6.1 “Newfound Adventure”

In mid-April, patch 6.1 “Newfound Adventure” for Final Fantasy 14 should appear. The first end-wobby update will provide a lot of new story content and of course playing a playful content. In his 69th letter of the producer, Yoshi-P has presented the new content in detail on March 4, 2022. Although he had already announced many of these innovations in his last live letter, but has now returned much to detail. In the coming weeks, there will be another live letter, which should also turn around Patch 6.1. More about the update you will also find on the official special page.

Which new story content awaits us?

In the main scenario you will meet some old acquaintances. Source: patch After the story was finally completed with Zodiark and Hydaelyn with EndWalker, Patch 6.1 will expect completely new chapter of the main scenario . Even though a new adventure begins, this will of course also build up in a way to the previous experiences and many well-known characters will have their appearance in it.

Tatarus Großunfehung will be a new story that turns around the various minor characters in Final Fantasy 14 (Buy 25,98 € now). This side quest should start with patch 6.1 and then dragging themselves through the following updates. Hild Fland fans may also look forward to a return of the crazy adventures of the master detective in 6.15. The steady inquiries and requests after a return of this quest series, the developers have caused them to revive them.

In addition, there should be a new Roll Order if you have completed all other role orders from endwolders. Omega: Beyond The Rift is to become a quest series for all who want to know more about Omega. You will receive them if you have finished the Omega Raid in StormBlood and the Ultima Thule region.

Source: patch Source: patch

Wild tribes, PVP and desired deliveries

The wild tribes are represented in patch 6.1 by the arkasodara. Here you will complete regular tasks with your battle classes and thus can increase your reputation. On top of that, there will also be a return of the desired deliveries , which you can do for Ameliance. We have already presented the new PVP system in detail in this article. In the next live letter we will also receive more detailed information about the rewards and the changes to the interface.

Dungeons, RAIDS and new exams

Of course, friends of group content will also come to their costs. The name of the new dungeon is currently a secret, so we have to be patient until Path 6.1. As a new extreme exam , we may once again put ourselves the final fight from endwalkers, the “Endsinger”. The heroic song of Ultima , however, may be addressed as a new dream test.

With patch 6.1 we will also expect the first part of the new alliance raid for 24 players . “The Myths Eorzeas” will turn around the twelve gods that have played a more subordinate role in history. The new 24er RAID is about the Twelve Gods Eorzeas. Source: patch Patch 6.11 will finally bring the long-awaited new ultimate exam . In “Dragon War (Fatal)” many different boss fights from Heavensward are combined into a single fight. For example, there should be elements with the knights of the round, but of course the kite Nidhogg. The ultimate test revolves around the dragon wars. Source: patch

Further changes

  • Of course, patch 6.1 has a lot more to offer. What has been announced so far, we have summarized here for you.
  • The new Housing area in Ishgard , the Empyreum, will be opened
  • Adventurer Plates will allow you to customize your character profile
  • The Travel Code becomes a kind of glossary in which your information is found about all minor characters. He should be unlocked in the course of the Patch 6.1 main scenario and is extended steadily.
  • The trips between the data centers are available. We will discuss this again in detail.

Newfound Adventure | FFXIV Live Letter 69 Recap Patch 6.1
* New Game + – Feature is extended to content from patch 6.0 and 6.1
* Hrothgar get new hairstyles
* It should give 5 more projection plates . In addition, there should be more places where you can use it. Until Patch 6.2, the maximum content of the projection commode should be raised to 800 equipment.
* You can try Items of the Mogry Kiosk directly in the game. This feature is only available in private rooms.
* There will be a mark on items which you already have . This should apply, for example, for companions and mounts.

Later, Yoshi-P once again went on the changes to the trust system and also on the trips between the data centers. We will report in detail in your own articles. It should also be mentioned again that this was the first information on the upcoming update. Further information will expect us in the 70th live letter. To home page to the gallery

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