[Review] Post Apocalypse can also be beautiful

A lonely and beautiful world, wave: The waves of change are still reddish the world that has already been destroyed.

While it is clear, it is not clear, but when the hero leaves the sea to the sea, all civilizations fell into the water. The ladders of the civilization in the sea and the null brighter in the water are so desolate, and the main character of the halo is so lonely.

And this loneliness is more maximized by directing that is generally passed through. Obviously, the world has completely collapsed, but there is no tragic explanation, and it does not see the desolate. Rather, beautiful graphics and tranquil sounds are calmly expressing ‘use’.

Game Name : Wave: Waves of Change
Classic Name : Adventure, Puzzle
Release date : 2022. 3. 1.


Developer : Okomotive
Services : Frontier Foundry
Platform : PC / PS4, PS5 / XBO, XSX | S / NSW

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This is a strange and unique atmosphere that you can see, and that you can see all of this game.

If it is just a long-opened sea, it seems that the bridge that falls back, the bridges of the bridges, and the debris of the train. And while the ruins are unfolding, the sunlight in front of the eyes, the sunlight of the warm color is darkened.

At night, the star is shiny between the navy blue sky, and in distant, the jellyfish whitening the whitening is the deep sea. Even in the middle of the storm, the sea is calm, and the traces of civilization are calm and heavily sinking in the traces of civilization.

If you spread the sails and stood still on the prow, you can not just save the blue sea on the blue sea. The game itself is really ‘beautiful’ so that it is not a great ordical or fine graphic. The part of the Side SKLOL platform game is beautiful enough to feel it because it can not be seen only from several angles.

Wave: The uniqueness of the wave of change can be found in another part. There is no direct explanation of almost all situations. Do not even know what the world becomes the world, and the real goal of the main character is what the world became. It describes all things with only ‘visible’ and visual elements.

This is the same on the play side. Sailing and puzzles that can be seen as all of the games are also this, so, there is no sure guide to do that. You have to be released by either by one.

Instead of a direct description, it takes a swipe the operation of the part of the pear, which will be attached through the puzzle through the puzzle, and the hint to solve this puzzle is also a minimal. The shiny distinguished blue objects are elements for solving puzzles, that’s all we have seen.

Of course, the difficulty of the puzzle is not difficult to have as much as the explanation. It is not just a mathematical solving a mathematical problem, but it is a way to resolve it for a long time and worry. I think it would be nice to see that there is a lot of problems that I am.


“Oh, there is something blue. So once you catch it once,” Oh, “Oh, there is a ladder here. This is a feeling. There is no clear hint, so you should be done directly by one by one.

I am confident that I will not be able to hide behind the obstacles, and I am confident that I have been brought to a faulty part of the broken machine. Of course, if you block it, there is no frustration.

And this ambiguity applies to all deployments in the game. Background, Story, Goal. There is nothing clear. I just guess all the things passing and facing everything. Yes, if you need a clear guide or a goal, the game itself can be very frustrated.

Sorry is the volume of the game. It is not meaning that the playlet is not enough. It is hard to see that the player is very short because it was approximately 4 to 5 hours to view the ending.

However, the content volume of the game itself is very smaller than I thought. Obviously 4 hours, I have no strange, even though I played the game over four hours. This is a very small amount of main content, the amount of the puzzle, which can be a fun of the game compared to the play time.

Puzzles of pears are tapped, add new functions, and the puzzles released to read the next story should not be opened. In the middle of the puzzle, it’s a puzzle, it’s also a feature called a puzzle.

Then what the rest of the time is what the “content” is filled. It is sailed right away. Most of the play ride a calm waves, turn off with a birch, hurting the storm, or by diving by the obstacle to the damage, and pass through the obstacles.

In the process, the fuel takes the radar hard, turn the engine on the engine, and when the fuel that has collected, the fuel must be lacked, and the sails must be moved to the force of the wind. Then, if an obstacle appears, you should fold the sails and turn on the engine, and use the engine, and you will not have enough fuel to use the engine, so you should keep the radar, and pick up the sea fuel, or pull it into the hook.

In other words, it should be very busy throughout the voyage and should be confirmed by this. The sails should be torn on the obstacle or continue to fold the folded folded in the middle of the mast, and the radar should also be checked in the middle, and the engine should continue to put the fuel and the wind so that the fire will continue to turn off. Eventually, the time to collect smooth fuel for smooth fuel collection, and the time to move after submarine to avoid obstacles.

Perhaps the developer seems to add this operation to prevent unpaid navigation processes. But this simple yet repetitive process was rather made the sailing boring. I have to repeat the same way without a different way, and I have to go to the next puzzle, but if I can appreciate the beautiful background, I have to watch the sea if I can not feel a beautiful background.

Particularly, the “radar” and the ‘fuel’ are a leading to the disadvantage of this disadvantage. If you put the boat on the water, you can not see the situation inside the ship. In other words, it is not possible to check the radar, and then, it is not possible to give the fuel, and eventually it is not necessarily to be able to use the engine for moving the ship in situations that must be submersible.

In the end, the beautiful background above the water was piloted without a bird without a bird, steered the sails without a bird, and quickly confirmed the radar and confirmed the radar again, and back to the sails, I have to keep the sails again, and I have to go back to the radar again..

Of course, if you collect quite a lot from the beginning of the fuel, you do not have to move extremely. But anyway, it is certain that the fact that the elements that do not bore the game are unable to cut the advantages of the game.

However, if you find the full part of the ship, the boredom itself from this navigation will be much less in this sailing because the epidemic is developed in full swing. No, it will disappear. Then, the slow and tranquil atmosphere that dominated the game, turns into strange tensions, expectations, surprises, and the story flows in a direction that can not be thought of.

Everything disappeared is definitely desolate, but it is still beautiful. And wave: The wave of change was so embarrassed that such a world was so farmed with the sea and ship. The end of the end of leaving the old ship that will not be strange even if it is broken.

The colors of the cool and heavy tones, and the small main character in the whole game, make the nature that has already swallowed civilization and more overwhelming. Some monsters do not emerge, but somewhere, somewhat cool.

And the former worker: Lonely, a unique yet unique, somewhere, and somewhere.

I thought of that I thought about the appearance of the middle of the middle of the game. What the hell do you want to do in this child in a lonely world that no one left. Did he have a reason to survive so alone?

And the main character shows several examples of such questions. But that’s not a definite answer. Why this child continues to sail, this is just a stopping face, why not he continue to give up. And the moment the main character’s goal was finally noted, the game ends.

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