Magma Wyrm Makar Boss Guide: How To Defeat Magma Wyrm Makar in the Elden Ring

Elden Ring offers an amazing number of bosses that range from massive threats that can fall into the ground, like meteors in the ground, to masterful warriors and Kaiju-like creatures, all of which are safe, not just the strength of their equipment, but also their Mastering the game to the test. Apart from that, among the many bosses in the game of Magma Wyrm Makar, which can be found in the ruins-tied cliff, can be considered to be tricky, thanks to its AOE attacks and its ability to cause massive damage when prompting. To ensure that you defeat the boss and get the dandruff of Magma Wyrm, find out how to defeat Magma Wyrm Makar ELDENRING .

How to Defeat Magma Wyrm Makar in Elden Ring

Before entering the nebtor, we advise you to equip fireproof items and to eat a fireproof dried liver, which increases their resistance to many attacks of the boss, especially in his second form, as he then gets up and focus mainly on fire damage Create by running an AOE sword mapping and see both batch and bits. If you feel the need, it is also a great help to summon the available NPCs as they attract the attention of the bosses and enable them to cause serious damage from behind. The same applies to Ashes who can run tank attacks.

How to defeat MAGMA WYRM MAKAR Boss in Elden Ring
Against this background, you can sit down to the boss in two ways by either focusing on causing damage between his beatings, what you can do by staying at mid-distance and cause damage when the opportunity offers and status effects How Z Bleed and Poison can also work well when they are able to steadily damage. It is also possible to defeat the boss by approaching distance and focused on using the huge rock formation in the middle of the arena to protect them from the attackers of the bosses. If you want to use the ranged fight, you should enter the Nebeltor alone and make sure you stay between the boss and the huge rock formation that blocks most of its attacks. If all conditions are met, just choose the ranged weapon of your choice and shoot it to death. As we said above, after winning the BOSS, you will receive the scale sword of Magma Wyrm.

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