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When I asked for a cat, most human beings don’t answer “like”? Flower form as if it was born to loved. A small devilistic character that shines human among people. There is also a cafe for playing with a cat, and it is a cat that is incorporated into a human society and receiving love. However, recently, sadly, the opportunity to touch with the cat with a cat who does not keep a cat has dropped sharply. It is difficult to go to a place where you can meet cats in the widespread social situation of infections, and the cat who likes cats is falling into a serious cat shortage.

Publisher’s Rogue Games will release Nintendo Switch version of “Fisti-Fluffs”, “Fisti-Fluffs” on March 10. This work is a title released for PC and abroad Nintendo Switch on September 24, 2021. It is a Dotabat Great Russian game that manipulates the cute cats who have the owner’s absentime time, fighting, destroying the room, and sometimes collaborating with the cat food. It is a game for cats. I felt so I decided to play this work in order to invite a cat-like friend and to replenish.

Any cute cats

In the middle of play, I and friends were to shout “cute!” The cats that appear in this work are “cute” anyway. I wonder if I scoop up the forefoot hard and scoop in a loud voice, and you can kick the furniture with a flashy acrobat. The shades of the entire game are also unified in pastel conditions, and cute cats are depicted in a warm atmosphere where the cute cats unfold. While it is a genre of battle royal, there are no killing elements in this work. Rather, it would not be exaggeration to say that it is produced as a “healing game”.

In addition, it is also possible to wear and fashion with the cats. In this work, a variable accessory appears. Other than clothes that can be replaced in a cat room, various hats can be selected in the lobby of the match mode. In particular, there are many types of hats, and it is possible to decorate cats in your favorite hat from earage hat to simple hat.

These accessories are unlocked by playing the game. There are also a variety of accessories such as 3D glasses, so many collect and wear cats. The fashionable cats are fighting, and the situation of roughing the house is very smiling. Among the many accessories, I liked the backpack. Friends were dressed in various ways, but they seemed to have liked red and green sweaters. If you are looking at a casual and standing cats play, I feel that day-to-day fatigue will blow. Cats are still healing.

In the cat room, you can also welcome new cats other than the cats prepared by default. The cats that can be kept can be customized freely with hair and color, cry. It will be possible to get along with cats with more attachment to produce your own cat-chan.

Fighting Mode

A party mode is implemented to play in four types of match modes and four types of playlets and in random mode and aim to win the defined number of victory. The basic operations can be common and can be confirmed by the operation configuration. A lovely attack is full of intimidation and meat ball punches that swing the forefoot. In addition, this work can play in multiplayer with up to 4 people, but can also include CPUs in the head. CPU is a “cat robot” that antenna has grown on his head. CPU settings are also cute.

Also, new elements have been added to the Nintendo Switch version released on March 10. In addition to new actions such as charge attacks and spin attacks, elements such as fish that can attack flames and ice when picked up are also implemented.

In addition, a ground pound that can replay powerful slums by pressing a button often during the jump, and the action is improved. If you press a predetermined button in the shield, the grapple will be activated, and the enemy cat can be involved and the button can be stifted by continuously hitting the button. Visual effects will be more than ever, and the cat’s brawl will be more fun. These elements are also added to the PC version simultaneously with the Nintendo Switch version.

Let’s introduce each mode from here. “Brawl” is a pure match mode. The cats have a physical strength and a residue set, and it will win the cats that have been putting their physical strength with each other and standing to the end. Fields are placed in the field as a physical strength recovery item and will be broken well because they are placed. There is no complicated rule, so you can play with Waiwai, and it can be said that it is a moderator from the beginner of the large brawl game to the Genba.

“Damage Damage” is a mode that destroys objects that appear on the stage. When an object is attacked, the damage amount is displayed such as “- $ 3.75”, and the cats that the accumulated damage amount is the largest victory. Objects reduce the amount of damage for each attack so that attacks attack. It may also mean that the corrupted and monetary value has disappeared, and it is also meant that the value of playing with a destructive cat is not valuable. The authors are the best favorite of this stage. In addition to destroying the stage as a storm, it is because it is healed if you look at the cats that are unleashed.

“Crown Control” is a mode that a cat that has been wearing a long time has won. When you pick up a crown that is rolling to the stage, you can suffer it and the gauges set for each player are accumulated little by little while covering. When the gauge reaches the maximum, the cat will be victory. While wearing a crown, the attack power of the cat rises and the moving speed is reduced. Once you can go down other cats in one punch, it will be very difficult to escape. The cat that could not earn crowns can be taken down and taking a cat with a crown. Unlike other modes that rampage with dotbata, it is a slightly strategy mode.

“Cat Food Defense” is the only cooperative mode of this work to protect the cat food from rats, raccares, foxes, etc. Cat food installed in three places in the map is targeted by mice and raccoon. Let’s repel these others who are doing with the wavy system with allied cats. It will lose when all the cat food is deprived.

In addition, cats who won in any mode are blessed with unique production. I want you to play by all means to play very surreal and interesting.

Next-Gen Nintendo Switch Feature Set Leaked

The STEAM version of this work was able to play with Remote Play Together without purchasing the game if one game has games. When the multiplayer of the Nintendo Switch version is in the Multi-shi, the Magi Mio is here, and the Rogue Games is “possible to match 4 people with one software. However, only local, and online play will be implemented in the second half of this year” It was about. If you can play multiplayer around Nintendo Switch, you can play with a distant family or friend, and it will be necessary to wait for a while.

Enjoy a fulfilling cat life

As we introduced, “Fisti-Fluffs” was a title that is suitable for complicating cat shortages. If you don’t keep a cat in reality by playing this work, you can supply cat ingredients, and those who keep a cat have a cat and you can go wildly. “Fisti-Fluffs” will be released on March 10 for Nintendo Switch in Japan. Currently, “Fisti-Fluffs” is during the pre-reservation period. If you are concerned, please make a reservation and look forward to the day when you go wild with the cats.

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