Search for new hometown in the submerged world Verification ADV “Far: Changing Tide” Delivery start!

Publisher Frontier Foundry announced the start of delivery of the vehicle adventure “ fur: changing tide ( Far: Changing Tides )” developed by Developer OKOMOTIVE.

This work was released in 2018 “Far: Loan Sails” sister work of Loan Sails. The front of the sea was the stage where the sea was finished, but the world is a world of affording everything, the player has become a stage, and the player sights the Oshihara with a unique ship and sometimes dived to the seabed. Look for a new hometown while exploring forgotten ruins.

FAR Changing Tides | Surviving A Flooded Apocolyptic Planet Wasteland | EARLY LOOK GAMEPLAY
“Far: Changing Tide” Waiting in a New Environment Wears “Changing Tide” is distributed to Windows (Steam, Microsoft Store) / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE / Nintendose switch. It also supports GAME PASS. The EPIC Games store is scheduled to be delivered at the same time, but it is not released at the time of writing (as of 5:25, March 2, 2022). In STEAM, the previous work “Far: Loan Sailes” has implemented 80% off-sales until March 8th.

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