Elden Ring: How to beat Godrick Boss Fight

Like the Souls Games of the past, the last Rol game of fromSoftware presents some of the meetings with more challenging bosses ever conceived. While Godrick is neither close to the top of the stack in terms of difficulty, he can be complicated since he is quite early in the game and is probably the most difficult enemy that most players will have faced until that moment. Here we will review a guide about How to overcome the Godrick Chief’s fight in Elden Ring.

How to beat Godrick Boss Fight in Elden Ring

Godrick is a boss who you should not face until you have at least level 20, if not level 25+. Of course, it is possible to overcome it even below level 20, but you are really asking a world of pain unless you are very skilled in the combat of the game, and if that is you, then you do not need this guide!

For those who are fighting, here are some tips to help them in this head of bosses:

Elden Ring Godrick The Grafted boss fight guide, right way and cheese strats

  • Be at least level 25.
  • As always, make sure that the quick slot of it is not crowded with unnecessary items that he does not need. You will want to have your tears crimson / closure by hand.
  • Speaking of flasks, make sure you assign them properly before the meeting. Magical constructions will want more FP, etc.
  • Use a spiritual invocation immediately when the fight begins. Then, be prepared to dodge or protect yourself against your first attack.
  • If you are a magical construction astrologer, get the meteor stick and the Rock Sling spell, and simply throw the attack repeatedly. Here is a guide on how to find those items.
  • You can run to the left or to the right and use the accounting slabs to interrupt some of the Godrick attacks.
  • Learn the moment of Godrick attacks. It has some very long ropes that telegraph the attacks of it, and you can easily program a turn under it or towards it so that when the animation is finished you can inflict a great damage.
  • Do not be greedy. Respect Godrick’s attacks and plays slowly.

Godrick has two forms; In the middle of the fight, once you have reduced the health of him by half, he will become a second form that he uses a dragon’s head to throw fire attacks. In this way, Godrick’s attacks are much more powerful, but his movement is a bit slower.

The first form of Godrick is more difficult if you mainly use mele-to-body attacks as a strength-type construction, while its second form is more complicated for spell launchers with much less HP.

During his first phase, always wheel to get away from the attack of him. The other sliding attacks of it can be easily incorporated, but the blow is too dangerous to get into it, just go out of there! He also has a rotating attack that throws a whirlwind of spells that is difficult to avoid. Try to rolling towards him to avoid damage, or simply accumulate the damage and get ready to heal yourself quickly. However, in general, for the body-to-body constructions, he only seeks to synchronize his attacks with runs and then hit after the animation is completed. The spell pitchers only need to keep the distance and throw spells as they move away from their whirlwinds (which will use mainly since you are keeping the distance).

As mentioned above, the second form is quite easy to counteract with a body-to-hand style. As soon as Godrick loads the first fire attack on him, run towards him and put it on his face with some blows. It can cause a lot of damage here essentially for free. If you are a magical construction, go back and cure any damage you accumulate, or you can run towards your attack and pass it to avoid damage.

Another attack to take into account during this second form is the dragon grip of him, which he uses to grab you. The head of the dragon will roar before he does this, so it is a good sound signal to remind you that you must get away rolling. In addition, stay away from your ground blows, and when you use your short-range fire attacks, roll to the side or towards the attack to avoid damage.

Remember, play slowly and do not become too greedy trying to inflict damage. The only exception to this rule would perhaps a magical configuration of spell launch, in which case your main objective is simply throwing your spells more powerful from a distance.

Hopefully, this guide gave him a good idea of ​​ How to overcome the Godrick Chief’s fight in Elden Ring . Be sure to search for Elden Ring or check our Wiki guide to get more tips, tricks and information about the game.

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