How to defeat Troll-Kamenokop in Elden Ring?

Troll-Konnekop, located in Limgrave Tunnels, is one of the optional bosses in Elden Ring. Like the enemies in these tunnels, the boss has hardened skin, so most attacks bounce off from it. This can be destroyed by taking the weapon with two hands or using shells, such as arrows or magic. The boss has many attacks in the area, it is repeatedly crashed into the ground, but the arena is large enough to find a safe place where you can get. What he is more, the stronger it will fall.

How to defeat Troll-Kamenokop in Limgrave Tunnels

The path to the boss has many blacksmith stones on the way to it, which makes it easy to upgrade the weapon before encountering it. There are also many fragments of brilliant stone , spent items consuming FP to apply magical damage. They can be used with great efficiency against troll-stone Since these attacks do not bounce and can be used at a distance. Multiple attacks on the boss feet can lead to its drop. If his head is open, players can get to her head to strike. Critical strike for big damage. However, the boss often falls into the environment, and the attack of the head will lead to the weapon will bounce, regardless of whether it is two-handed or not. The legs are the best option, if only the head is not close enough for such a strong critical impact.

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Stonedigger Troll Boss Fight (No Damage) [Elden Ring]

stump and sweep

The most common attack that troll-stone is performed is a basic attack. Stop After this attack wide swings . In the telegraph for this movement, the boss takes off the leg from the ground and grows on the ground. The range of this attack is greater than it seems, but the players can avoid it, rolling through the attack when it starts, or rolling to the other leg. Immediately after the hide, the boss will make a squeezed attack with his bubina. This attack will be track player, often unfolding and attacing in the direction where the player is located. The covering requires a timely throw or finding right behind the troll or its foot after writing to avoid damage. The boss can perform this attack several times in a row, and the best time to get damage – after the initial wrist, if the player is behind the boss, or after stripping, if the player wants to be restrained.

Combination of three blows

Troll-Kohnekop can perform manual cleaning before stupid And also Sketch Move. This is the best time to apply far-fight players. Telegraph for manual waving includes a boss pulling the hand before cutting it with a rubbing movement. Having rolled past the waving hands and leaving some distance, the boss is stuck in animation with three blows, while the player gets damage from afar. For melee players, the best moment for the attack may be after covering with your hand, provided that they are at the opposite leg from which the latter will come. The combination is safe for treatment, so if players shy away from the initial attack, they can pour and run away, heal, cause their spirits, replenish their FP or use consumables such as lubricant .

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Slam Hysterika

After lifting your club , the boss will be repeatedly cut into the ground, causing damage to everything within the medium-sized radius. Telegraph for this can be seen before it raises his weapon, as the boss will be slightly at the same time before tidative. Usually it leads to four helmets in fast sequence, and then with a delay fifth helmet which has a large radius and will try to track the player. With the fifth blow, the baton sticks to the ground, and the troll apply damage to extraction its weapons. There is a lot of time to respond to how the boss raises his weapon into the air and runs. K Troll-Konnekop and rolling past it is the safest way to avoid impact. The final blow will unfold towards the player, but if there is a sufficient distance, he should not get. Far battle players can get a lot of damage if they pour past it before hysterical starts.

Single helmet

Stonedigger Troll will release a single clap his stick if the player is in front of it. Hitbox itself is similar to the fifth blow during his attack of anger. He is very slow, and players can completely avoid shock, just running in the direction opposite from it. Passage through the legs of the boss and the continuation of the run is another safe opportunity to cure, as well as any other things that you may need a player. Another strike may occur at the end of it stupid as well as Initial attack . This happens more often in the second half of the battle, when the boss has less than 50% of health. This combo extension also tracks the player, potentially causing it by surprise, if it has already been used for attack immediately after a squeezed attack.

how to use two-handed weapons

Since the majority of attack bounces off this enemy, it is important to understand how to handle weapons with two hands. The two-handed weapon ensures that players can attack without bouncing from their attacks. Using The art of weapons is an additional useful way of applying damage without two hands, as they will also not bounce.

To take a weapon in two hands, players just need to hold the interaction button together with the easy attack of the preferred weapon that they want to take in two hands.

  • PlayStation 4/5 – Triangle + R1 / L1 or R2 / L2
  • Xbox One / Xbox series X / S – Y + RB / LB or RT / LT
  • PC – E + LKM / PKM

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