Elden Ring Rune Arcs explains: What does a Rune Arc do?

There are hundreds of hard opponents who have to face the players in Elden Ring. The challenge they offer is great, but many of the rewards they offer are even bigger. After defeating powerful semi-gods like Godrick The Grafted and activated their great runes, players have access to some of the best bonuses they can get. However, to fully exploit this force, a rare object called Rune Arc is required.

Elden Ring - How to Activate Godrick's Great Rune

What makes a runebogen?

A rune arc turns off the full power of an equipped Great Rune . The power of a large Rune must first be unfolded. After creating in a place of grace, the players see the symbol of the big rune next to their health bar. All that remains is the use of the rune arch that is consumed when used. The effects of the large Rune are immediately applied to the player, increase his strength and change the symbol. It resembles objects from previous Dark Souls titles like Humanity, Human Effigies or Embers. Rune sheets share another property with these objects; The effects of the rune arc are repealed during the death, and another must be used to restore the power of the equipped Great Rune.

Rune Arcs can be found around the world, either by purchasing dealers or plundering at certain points on the map. You will even be awarded as a reward for online playing with others. In addition, Rune Arcs can be used without a Great Rune being equipped; The effect simply increases the maximum health of the player until he dies. One should be careful when experimenting with the effects of alternative great runes. When you run the equipment while a rune arc is still active, the effects of the rune arc will end prematurely. It is not returned to the player’s inventory. Be sure which Great Rune would like to use as these items are not so easy to get!

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