This was the important sacrifice of Vegeta in the recent chapter of Super

Last week we shared a short forward on chapter 81 on the sleeve of Dragon Ball Super , but now, this episode is now available for everyone and has revealed that Vegeta Once again he had to sacrifice himself by The good of humanity. As it has happened in other instances of the Saga, the prince of the Saiyajin ** was forced to leave its ego aside in order to save those who most want.

In the fight against gas , Granola I remain dying and Vegeta had to give you the last seed of hermit to survive. Now, this warrior was extremely dejected after using the ultra ego , so the only remaining hope is Goku . After realizing this, Vegeta transferred him the last energies of him to Goku so that he could end up with gas once and for all, although of course, this will be a highly complex task.

Because of how strong it is gas At this point, surely that the fight will spread even more, but considering that there are no other warriors who can end up with it, it will certainly be interesting to know what can do goku To defeat him. We will have to wait for the upcoming chapters of the manga to know the answer.

Editor’s Note: Even with the huge ego of him, Vegeta has always been a character who, when the situation merits him, is willing to leave his this side by the common good. The character had one of the best developments of the entire franchise, and next to Goku, he has become one of the favorites between the fans.

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