The Batman will be the beginning of his own cinematographic universe

There are merely missing a couple of weeks for the premiere of The Batman , so these last days we have had a lot of interesting details related to the new movie of DC . We know that this feature film will tell a story of the first years of the character, and according to its director, it will also plant the bases for what will be the own cinematographic universe.

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In case you were not aware, The Batman exists within your own universe, that is, it is not part of the DCEU . This means that we will not see other characters from this editorial within the movie, so Matt Reeves , director, has the freedom to mold this new universe as best as best, and this is something that is definitely inside of his plans.

As part of a new interview with EW , Reeves revealed what is the goal it has The Batman within the great scheme of things:

“What I really want this movie is to create a bat verso… you do not make a story and you say, ‘This is chapter 1’ because it is possible that you do not get to do chapter 2. So, the story had to be sustained. But what happens is that the world of batman is as rich in characters that when you are starting to come to an end, you can start thinking about the following. Because the idea, of course, is that the story of Gotham never ends. “

So as you can see, Reeves wants to create the one of himself “Batiuniverse” with The Batman, One where we can learn more detail to each character. We do not know how the future of this new cinematographic universe will be seen, but the film will definitely play an important role within its creation.

The Batman reaches cinemas the March 4, 2022.

Editor’s note: Nowadays everything must have your own cinematographic universe, otherwise the project is considered a failure. I do not agree with this ideology, but I think Batman’s character lends itself pretty well for her and we’ll see how Reeves build it.

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