Alba Berlin draws a lot of energy for the league

The dispenser had built Albas Cuphelden directly in the cabin. After the record victory in the national Cup competition against Crailsheim, Berlin’s basketballer started their party bausen still in the Arena on the Ostbahnhof and overhead coach Israel Gonzalez first with beer. “I could not be proud of these guys,” said the Spanish coach, who came with his first title as a head coach from the shadow of predecessors and coaching Aito Garcia Reneses.


We always wanted to be a top team with sustainability. For 30 years, we are always good for a final and that makes us proud.

Marco Baldi

Managing Director Marco Baldi sneaked out of the locker room, otherwise the beer shower of the blissful Alba professionals would have hit him too. Albas Macher also enjoyed the eleventh cup win. “We always wanted to be a top team with sustainability. For 30 years we are always good at least for a final and that makes us proud,” says Baldi.

The fact that the Berliner brought himself the first trophy of the season in February, gives you a lot of security and self-confidence for the further course of the season. “It’s always good to have brought a title so early in the season,” said international Johannes Thiemann. “It was already a good season now. That gives an incredibly a lot of power for the upcoming tasks.”

Alba with the same balance as table leader Bavaria in the BBL

Especially in the league, the Albatrossi want to defend their title from the previous year. Currently, Berliners with five defeats have the same balance sheet as leaders and permanent rivals Bayern Munich. However, the Berliners have two catch-up games as a spreadsheet, because they had been stopped by a corona outbreak at the beginning of the season.

The way the capitals from this difficult phase have fought out is impressive. Also on the weekend, they were first clearly behind both in the semifinals against Chemnitz as well as in the final against the Hakro Merlins Crailsheim, but fought back and in the end earned the 5.2 kilograms of heavy trophy.

Maodo Lo was again the win

A major guarantor for success was once again Maodo Lo. The 29-year-old Point Guard has been in captivating form for weeks and was against the strong Crailsheimer with 20 points of best thrower. Especially in the final phase, in which the never-put Merlins retained again up to three points, Lo kept overview and tranquility.

“To win a title is always something special,” explained Lo, and once wiped his medal. “There are a few stains on it, but I want them to stay clean,” said the international after the first cheering scenes with the fans at “Magenta Sport”. That after all, 4000 spectators were allowed to be in the hall, the perfect weekend rounded off for the Berliner. “The weekend with fans was so refreshing. The mood was unbelievable,” said the Point Guard. If it goes to the Berliners, there is the next party with the followers in mid-June. When the championship title is successfully defended.

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