Zomboid project, the game that will kill you !!!!

Project zomboid is an isometric 3D survival RPG. In order to survive the Zombie Apocalypse you will have to survive (logic), build and defend.

This game, which you will be able to buy on Steam or GOG for $ 22.79 CA, is an independent game whose first exit dates from November 2013. “But it’s old!” Graphically it’s for sure, but the Indie Stone studio has all over these years, developed a multitude of mechanics whose mixture makes this game unique. Open World, Sandbox, a multitude of class character with unique abilities that will grow in play, survival,…

Project Zomboid will Kill you, it's the best Survival Game

A little advice, when you evolve alone or team do not make noise because it is easy to go from 1 zombie to 1 whole horde.

Attention, this game can quickly become chronophagus.

I will give you an idea about one of the principles of the game by quoting the example of the last patch:

To make a piece of leather armor:

  • The skin must be obtained by a butcher or hunter
  • Leatherning refines the skin and manufactures the armor part
  • The blacksmith supplies armor scales to sow in the armor (and possibly a needle)
  • The tailor supplies inner tabs in fabric for the armor part and the wire with which the leatherner can sow.
  • Finally, the workstations needed for these trades are built by a carpenter / handyman.
    This game is really the most complete survival game I know, and one of the most interesting if we go down the graphic appearance a little exceeded.

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