“Rainbow Six Seed” ear 7 season 1 “Demon Veil” Detailed announcement. Japanese new operator AZAMI appeared

Ubai ISoft announced the information on “ Rainbow Six Seses ” of “Demon Veil”. In the seasons, the Japanese operator’s AZAMI, new maps, and team death matches are added. In addition, updates are planned to be able to reselect the attacking operator.

In “Demon Veil”, a new defense operator equipped with a KIBA barrier appeared. KIBA barrier is a Knai-type post-type device, emitting a material that solidifies after expansion after stinging a wall or the like, creating a barrier with a broad-resistant barrier. In addition to being able to close the drone holes and doors, the holes made by bleach can also be repaired instantly. Maving a Kiba barrier will be able to create a defense of dynamically and versatile.

However, KIBA barriers are prevalent, but not blasting resistance, so it should be noted that it is destroyed by an attack operator such as ASH. It can also be partially destroyed by several close attacks, but this can detect the other party during breakage with cracks. Also, since the expanded barrier is circular, it should be noted that a gap is likely to occur.

Y7S1 REVEAL CANLI YAYINI! ROADMAP 20 ŞUBAT 19:00'DA! | !k !testserver
In addition to the new operator, Emerald Planes, a new map for the first time in three years, will appear in the season. At Ireland’s modern country club, players will challenge new environments and hierarchies.

Also, in the new season, attack operator reselections can be introduced that can change operators and equipment in the preparation phase. The attacking side can change the strategy by the collected information, so it should be more flexible in the preparation phase. When the operator or equipment is changed, the header is updated. This will allow you to determine the strategy after communicating in the team. Attack operator reselection is possible in all game modes of quick match, unank, rank, and protrow.

In the new season, further updates for gameplay are also scheduled. The newly added team death match should be familiar with casual players, as well as matched warm-up and Aim exercises. In addition to being implemented by the console version of the match replay, which has been implemented from 2020 for PC, various updates will be implemented, such as GOYO and VALKYRIE balance adjustment, NOMAD Elite Skin. For more information on balance adjustment, please check the official site.

Besides, new incentive programs will be introduced in the new season. If the player reports a problem with R6FIX and the status is in investigation, one reward is given every season according to the importance of the report. Players can report both test servers and live server issues, and you can earn each season’s reward on the next season’s test server.

“Rainbow Six Seas” is on sale for PC and PLAYSTATION 4 / PlayStation 5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S. The new season “Demon Veil” is implemented on a PC version test server and reflected in all models live servers. The PC version test server will be implemented on February 22.

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