Omer Toprak and Ole Werner: “Form to your own nose”

For weeks, the Hanseatic city was almost only dreamed of setting the star record of Otto Rehhagel. Eight times in a row, the later “King Otto” had won after office in 1980/81.

Ole Werner, at that time not even born, was in front of the home game against Ingolstadt at seven wins and would have been able to overtake with an expected threesome against the table deadline and to be able to overhose rehhail at the North Monry at the HSV on the next matchday. But this dream is now dreamed – because Werder did not get over a 1-1 against Ingolstadt.

“knew it will be a patience game”

“We have to analyze everything. We knew it was very difficult and a patience game, they are good at counterattacks. Nonetheless, we have to go to their own nose,” said captain oilers Toprak after playing at the “Sky” microph1. The same talking use also used Werner in his analysis and continued: “Today we annoy ourselves that it has become a point.”

That it was nothing with the rehabel record, the 33-year-old tanges less. “I’m not interested,” says Werner’s scarce statement. Rather, he went on cause search, which is why it had not worked with the “hoped for three points”.

Today we did not implement many things perfectly.

מסר קצר מהקב

Niclas Füllkrug

On the one hand, there would be the own ball possession phases that Werner did not like the first passage. “We did not manage to move the ball quickly and well to get to more clear scoring chances,” says Werner about an almost naturally weak first half. In now on 23 performances, the green-white first achieved ten results before the break – but already 34 afterwards.

After that 44. Saisontor, Werner would have hoped for more efficiency: “We have had another clear chance around the lead, where we did not manage to approach the sack.” First of all, the double chance of Christian Groß and Anthony Jung in the 83rd minute should remain in painful memory here.

Defects in both criminal rooms

Cheers with pacifier, but not satisfied at the end: Niclas Füllkrug (center). Getty Images

As a third point, Werner made the lack of consequence in the two criminal rooms. On the one hand offensively, on the other hand, as the counterplace of Filip Bilbija showed: First, Toprak was in the header duel, Marco Friedl came against the scorer too late and could not prevent the late 1: 1.

Taken together, these factors meant disappointed faces in Bremen, as Goal Scorer confirmed Niclas Füllkrug: “Today we did not implement many things perfectly. We were not there everywhere at 100 percent.” Then it costs against the bottom of the table. “

Maybe the point loss but also something good for the Bremen has. Because, so Toprak confessed: The point loss had “also a bit tied”. After seven wins in a row, one must be ready, according to the former Turkish international. Before the Great Northern Des Matchday, Werderans can now sharpen their senses again.

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