AFK Cats – Steampunk X Cats has arrived!

Are you a cat lover maybe? Do you like Steampunk by chance? Well, these two are combined for the first time in an explosive action mashup MeowPocalyptic called afk cats! This game filled with kindness is Developed by Pixel Federation a free occasional game developer played in Slovakia.

In this Steampunk world, cute cats have become wicked and lead the fierce fight against their juror – doombo, the vacuum cleaner. There are more than 70 different cat heroes in this game, more than 10,000 stages of combat and more than 40 different weapons that you can equip.

Officially published on Google Play on August 1, 2019 AFK Cats currently (2 August) more than 100,000 downloads with an average score of 4.0. Most users rent the game for its adorable representation of armed cats of various weapons and steampunk equipment.

As for the game, the basic concept of AFK Cats is quite simple. Your goal is to collect different cat heroes, to level them, to equip them with the largest and most crafted weapons you can imagine, all in order to save the world of the Doomba, the vacuum cleaner. But that’s not all, you will also have the opportunity to participate in PVP battles in the arena, where you can climb in the world ranking. In addition, even when you are offline, your cats will be able to fight and win various awards once you are back in the game, which is great in itself!

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Go ahead and enjoy this Cat-Astrophic Meowsterpiece and show Doomba who is the real boss!

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