Amazon – Fire New Echo Buds 2nd Generation now 33% cheaper [ad]

At Amazon, you can now pre-order the new echo Buds of the 2nd generation, which will appear on 24 February at a greatly reduced price: instead of 119.99 euros you pay only 79.99 euros. As a bonus, you will still get the purchase six months Amazon Music Unlimited Free . Normally, the subscription that contains over 90 million songs costs 7.99 euros per month. Here is yours to offer:

Amazon Echo Buds (2nd Generation) instead of € 119.99 for € 79.99

Amazon does not currently specify how long the deal is still valid. However, we would expect that he ends to release the Echo Buds next week.

What do the Amazon Echo Buds Gen 2 offer?

The Amazon Echo Buds Gen 2 are wireless in-ear headphones that have active noise suppression (which works much better than the first generation noise reduction) and over three integrated microphones per listener. In conjunction with the Alexa app you can play music by voice control or answer questions from Alexa.

According to test reports, the second-generation ECHO BUDS has greatly improved compared to the first in particular in sound quality. Especially in the middle and basses, the difference should be clearly perceptible. The design in turn has not changed fundamentally, but the new Ear Buds are significantly smaller and lighter than their predecessors.

The battery life is about 5 hours, without noise suppression, it can be one to two hours more. The included loadetui (which is also more compact than the first generation) will increase it to about 15 hours. Also included are a USB charging cable and four pairs of ear cushions as well as two pair ear hems.

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Amazon Echo Buds (2nd Generation) instead of € 119.99 for € 79.99

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