Gladbach Boss confirmed: Roland Virkus was only the fourth choice

According to Borussia Mönchengladbach’s Club President Rolf King, Roland Virkus was not the cunning solution as a new Max Eberls director and successor to Max Eberl.

“For three weeks ago, Max Eberl announced us that he with immediate effect from his office as a Max Eberls director, we were then on Steffen Korell, who has announced us that he continues to work as a cadre planner and scouting director,” revealed King at the official presentation of Virkus on Tuesday.

Gladbach had then first “talked about two external candidates” after the Korell cancellation, “says the club boss. “They explained to us, they have fixed engagements and feel bound to this task.”

King’s led: “Then we went to Roland Virkus and asked him if he can imagine working as a Max Eberls director. He has requested a cold time and then promised us last Friday.”

Gladbach: Roland Virkus “An ambitious and outstanding guy”

FohlenTV - Das Interview - Roland Virkus | 23.04.2020

Virkus, who previously worked as a young coordinator in Gladbach, was “for more than 30 years at Borussia and knows the club like hardly anyone else,” said king, he was “not just equal, but better” than the other candidates.

Vice-President Rainer Bonhof also praised the new Max Eberl chief: “I have known Roland Virkus for about 25 years. I know he is an ambitious and outstanding guy who also has an incredible expertise.”

Virkus himself thanked for the confidence to him. “I know that I’m in big footsteps. Max Eberl has done an excellent work for Borussia. I look forward to this new challenge. My goal is to bring Borussia back on the way from which you in the pandemic a little Going out, “said the 53-year-old.

Cancellation of Rouven Schröder and Dieter Hecking

After Eberl’s sudden finish, among others, Rouven Schröder (FC Schalke 04) and Ex-coach Dieter Hecking (1st FC Nuremberg) had been traded in Gladbach. Both told publicly.

Virkus is now a distinct “smaller” solution – which was originally evidently not encouraged by the club leadership.

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