This years “COD” is a sequel to the “Modern Warfare” sequel to the development and led by the Infinity Ward-Building from Zero with “Warzone”

Activision revealed information about the new work of the “ Call of Duty ” series in the official site community update.

It is the season 2 of “Call of Duty Vanguard” and “Warzone” where opening is approaching on February 15, but in the same community update, we have developed QOL as first priority, and improvement of 30 or more such as vehicle and parachute behavior Reported to include items. As a plan to add to it, several information is published for the 2022 “Call of Duty” new work.

  • This year’s “Call of Duty” is the sequel to “Modern Warfare” in 2019.

  • Both new work and new “Warzone” are built from zero.


  • A large-scale evolution of battle royal can be expected in a completely new playpace and new sandbox mode.

  • Both “Call of Duty” new and new “WARZONE” are new engines.

  • The development of “Call of Duty” new and new “Warzone” is led by Infinity Ward.

For details on the “Call of Duty” and “Warzone” new works of 2022, detailed information, such as the corresponding platform, price, release date, is unknown at the time of article writing.

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