Survey: Was the PS5 Deep Dive

'11조'의 인수합병을 거절하고 플레이스테이션과 파트너쉽을 맺은 디스코드
Forget about a hot minute backward compatibility, raytracing and teraflops – was the audience real or not? Here you have to bring Sony a little out of the rest: originally intended to present today’s Playstation 5-deep-dive in front of a live audience of game developers – this would never have been able to lead to Coronaviren GDC.

The shocking part of today’s presentation – assuming you ignore the fact that over 600,000 people have seen them live and only very few had a idea, of which the senior architect Mark Cerny spoke – was that they took place in front of a green screen, with counterfeit Silhouettes in the “audience”. Except, were they wrong?

At first we thought it was a static Adobe Premiere Overlay, but we definitely saw a few movements. Take this Lord left right – he definitely tries to scratch his face:

(Apart from that, we sincerely hope that it has previously used hand disinfectants – maybe he has received an officially licensed PlayStation hand wash. Of course, he is a real person.)

Honestly, we are undecided about it. The video definitely contains people, but Cerny seems to have any of them eye contact, so we believe that it is a separate video feed that is above the presentation itself. But what do you think? Help us to solve this puzzle in the section “Surveys and Comments” below.

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