Warzone developer “Not satisfied” with the current state of Battle Royale

After a monsoon full of leaks and speculation, Activision has finally revealed that the next mainline code title will be a continuation of modern warfare from 2019 and that Warzone 2 is also in development.

In an advance interaction with the manufacturers of content and the media, however, some of the top developers of Warzone took the time to acknowledge the current state of Battle Royale, and admitted that they have recently been “stuffed”. Like reports Charlie Intel,

Pat Kelly, co-studio ladder of Infinity Ward, Josh Bridge, Game Director of Activision, and Eric Biesmann by Raven Software commented all the problems that the game has plagued since its integration with Call of Duty Vanguard in December.

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The developers all admit that the game was currently “broken” and are “not satisfied with the quality, but promise that things will improve. Warzone Pacific Season 2, which has been postponed, so that the status of the game could be addressed correctly, will bring dozens of changes in quality of life, which should make a big step towards a better experience for the players.

Kelly continues to comment on why warzone is in such a bad condition, and says that what was intended as an add-on for Modern Warfare 2019 would soon be adapted due to the unprecedented success of Warzone to become a full-grown game. For this reason, the teams worked on Battle Royale stood before “significant development challenges”.

“We [Email Protected] Stuff Up. WE Broke It. We’re not happy with it. No excuses. “

Call of Duty Leadership Acknowledged Current State of Warzone IS A Mess and Vowed to Fix The Issues, Starting with Updates in Season 2. https://t.co/v2vopznkpa pic.twitter.com/ymrfunp7pu

  • CharliIintel (@charlIintel) February 11, 2022

Charlie Intel also reports that there will be a greater focus on communication in the future. Updates for Warzone will also aim to add more quality improvements, rather than just new content and features.

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