PlayStation buys bungie, creators of Destiny; All the details

PlayStation acquires Bungie for a sum that amounts to 3.6 billion dollars. Destiny creators will join the Japanese studies portfolio under a series of conditions. Once the transaction is completed, the study will be maintained “PlayStation acquires an independent subsidiary”.

Sony Playstation BUYS BUNGIE for 3.6 BILLION dollars!!

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From Sony Interactive Entertainment, they say that Bungie will maintain its independence PlayStation acquires a multiplatform study . In fact, the study will have the option to “publish and reach players that they choose to play.”

“We have a close collaboration with Bungie from the conception of the Destiny franchise, and I can not be more excited to announce the studio welcome to the PlayStation family,” reveals Jim Ryan, CEO of the Division, in note of press. “This is a strategic step forward to continue evolving the game experiences we create.”

How is this collaboration translated? Bungie points out that “they will maintain the complete creative control and the independence of publication of the Destiny Universe”. Without going any further, Destiny 2 confirms its permanence on all platforms where it is available and “will expand to new ones”.

Hermen Hulst, director of PlayStation Studios, confesses to be “A great fan” of the study. “The technical experience of Bungie, in addition to its trajectory by creating large loyalty communities, makes them a study that fits perfectly to collaborate with PlayStation Studios. We are excited to make plans to share your skills and experience, and for being able to unlock the potential to have bright Bungie minds under the roof of PlayStation, “he concludes.

The company is currently located on the final stretch of the launch the witch Queen, the expansion that will start the fifth year of Support for Destiny 2. It plans its launch next February 22 in PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC.

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