Clemens Schoppenhauer reinforces the FC Hagen / Uthleede

Around one and a half hours before the catch-up game at MTV Eintracht Celle, the FC Hagen / Uthleede was bursting the bomb: From now on, Clemens Schoppenhauer is part of the team, which will fight in the spring 2022 in the relegation round to the preservation in the Oberliga. Since a stabilizer like Schoppenhauer can not hurt. That’s exactly what he should become, and the 29-year-old can rely on his experience of 33 second ligament games (for the Würzburg Clemens Schoppenhauers and FC St. Pauli). Also in the 3rd league the native Bremerhavener was 95 times the ball.

Catch Up (Ketchapp)
After an exit without association – the paths with the FC UpperNeuland had separated in June 2021 – Schoppenhauer returns to the lawn. This is pleased Gunnar Schmidt, sporty director at the FC: “With Clemens Schoppenhauer we were able to commit an absolute hit. Not only that he will bring us athletic immediately forward, the ex-professional is also human an absolute profit for the FC Hagen / Uthleede ” That, so Schmidt continues told, one found for “two-sided crop”.

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