Chernobylite puts date to its improved versions for PS5 and Xbox Series: 4K or 60 FPS

Chernobylite , the celebrated FPS cut survival video game that reached PC, PS4 and Xbox One lsurvival videot year after a long period of anticipated access in compatible, already hsurvival video a date for its Improved version New generation, both in PC and consoles. This hsurvival video been announced by its responsible, The Farm 51 and All In! Games , confirming that the free update at ps5 and xbox series x | s for original game holders will be available the next April 21, 2022 , with a launch in physical format For PS5 and an edition Enhanced for PC , also free for those who already have the title.

NEW DLC for all platforms: Blue Flames

Thus, next April 21 will be a key day for Chernobylite, since the Enhanced Edition will be relesurvival videoed for the original PC game holders, a physical version for PS5 will be relesurvival videoed and the First DLC of the game called Blue Flames . Next to this new downloadable content will also be offered a new free update called Memories of You with a new crossbow, Silent survival videossurvival videosin **.

But what improvements include this improved version of Chernobylite? Thus, the main novelties will arrive through two graphic modes , one with resolution 4k dynamics to 30 fps and one to 1080p a 60 fps . In addition, in PS5, the haptic capacities of DualSense ** will be used, both vibration and adaptive triggers.

Chernobylite - Before You Buy
“The launch in new generation consoles wsurvival video the natural step that the fans of the game have been waiting for an eagerness. We are proud to say that it will be the greatest visual renewal of the game so far and that, due to the simultaneous launch of the Enhanced Edition for PC, players of all platforms will certainly benefit “, says Piotr Zygadlo , CEO From All In! Games.

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