Apex Legends: The new season already has a launch and trailer date

Apex Legends is close to starting his new season. As on all occasions, it will bring important changes that the vein is worth taking into account when playing. From game modes, new battle pass and legends that make your debut at the Battle Royale of Respawn Entertainment .

On this occasion, Apex Legends will premiere the dissidence season on February 8 . A great update for the award-winning heroes shooter, showing a new limited game mode. He also announced the new legend that comes to contribute some freshness to meetings: Mad Maggie .

Mad Maggie is described as someone who lacks empathy, compensating for ferocity and stubbornness. She is a ruthless criminal who was under trial, determining that she deserves to have a price on her’s head. However, she does not agree well with someone else to go for her. In Apex Legends maps, We will find an offensive character that will not hesitate to go directly to the battle. In addition, she has a certain affinity with the shotguns.

Next to the new character, there will be a game mode: control. It is a washing face to the game experience, leaving aside the survival and search for casualties to go directly to objectives. It is a limited game mode that will be available in the first three weeks of the season. It composes two teams of nine each, encouraging cooperation to capture and control points on the map. The goal is to get as many points as possible to win. If we seek to excel over the rest, there is a fan support meter that qualifies individual performance.

There will be a change in Olympus on the occasion of the arrival of Mad Maggie. Some objects were teleported across the land, so competitors should take advantage of legends. Finally, there will be a new battle pass that offers cosmetics, music packets, load screens, gestures and much more.

Apex Legends: Dissideditional will be launched on February 8 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and PC through Origin and Steam.

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