Fortnite: This is how a cryptomoned company waste millions of dollars because of the game

At this point it is almost rude to remember that Fortnite has become one of the most influential videogames in society. Footballers, singers or heroes of fiction have appeared in the title of Epic Games, making it a mass phenomenon. A situation that has become against a ‘_artista’ interested in launching its own project of cryptomoneds. Everything was due to a very particular advertising campaign valued in millions of dollars that was confused with a marketing maneuver for Battle Royale.

The Golden Fortnite bucket in real life

The idea to perform the advertising campaign was to place in the middle of Central Park, the most important urban park in New York, a cube of 186 kilograms composed of massive gold of 24 carat . Figure without more interest than its perfect straight angles valued at 11.7 million dollars that amazed all visitors while it was present. A cost that would still be addressed by the security team that guarded the piece so that no one could steal it.

With what the artist did not count, whose piece only served to give her a future NFT auction, is that All those present thought immediately in the Fortnite cube . This form, also in golden color, appeared during season 7 of Chapter 2 of Battle Royale, being key in the progress of the plot and the end of that episode with the turnover of the island that resulted at the beginning of a new cycle.

Fortnite EPIC Games vs. APPLE 1984 Commercial!

Of course, this was not the situation that would have sought the promoter of the advertising campaign. Instead of seeking answers about the bucket, almost all of them were assumed that it was a campaign related to Fortnite. Epic Games has a wide history by taking the news of the game to the real world, so all the money was spent so that no one speaks of cryptomoneds, NFT or other products related to Blockchain .

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