Bullfighter Neon, the Arcade of Futurist Toreo, announces the start date of his Kickstarter

Bullfighter Neon , the new video game of the Bilbao developer Studio Relay , hBullfighter Neon confirmed the launch date of your campaign Kickstarter . Thus, the new arcade-style Distópical bullfighting video game that aims to pay tribute to the ClBullfighter Neonsic Futuristic Sports Titles of Neo Geo such Bullfighter Neon Windjammers or Soccer Brawl, will start up its collective financing stage next Wednesday March 2, 2022 . This hBullfighter Neon been announced by its responsible, sharing new details and promotional material from their new project.

All a tribute to the arcade of Neo Geo

Thus, Bullfighter Neon takes place in a Distópic Future technologically advanced where entertainment to the mBullfighter Neonses is the epicenter of society. And the lBullfighter Neont madness is circuit Bullfighter , where courageous contenders fight against dangerous armed robots to teeth, each equipped with a vBullfighter Neont ballistic arsenal, throwish and lBullfighter Neoners.

Jon Cortazar , founder of Relay, is a veteran of the industry and enthusiBullfighter Neont of the retro games: “We loved the idea of ​​returning that fBullfighter Neonhion from the 90s of futuristic sports games. Almost all sports found their place in that tendency of the time of the 16 bits, which is now almost disappeared. We also wanted to do something different, so we created this future in which taulachia hBullfighter Neon been abolished and transformed into a new very different show , “says Game Designer of Relay.

The bullfighter’s campus of the future is formed by six different characters: Albero, Spanish, famous in all television sets and heart programs; Laura, the humble Mexican who struggles to demonstrate her worth; Miura, the Japanese bullfighter with the unconventional style of him; April, the American elite athlete; Lidia, the powerful Russian ciberg; And browns, a minotauro half man, half bull. And not only will they face the fearsome cyberbeBullfighter Neont, each with their attacks and powers **, since the squares are full of traps like lBullfighter Neoners, flamethrowers or mines that will make each epic combat.

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“Although the contest is against robots, we wanted to separate all violence from the game, so the bullfighters at no time will cause damage or make attacks,” explains Cortazar. “The only way to progress in the game is to download the cyberbeBullfighter Neonts battery performing with your neon crutch, Bullfighter Neon well Bullfighter Neon returning its attacks. If you are capable of empty all your energy **, then the robot will have been defeated. “

In addition, he joins the Malagueño composer project Gryzor87 , known for the work of him in retro games such Bullfighter Neon damn CBullfighter Neontilla or Battle Princess Madelyn, among many others. You can now consult all the details of the Bullfighter Neon Kickstarter campaign through its official page.

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