The sequel to Voice of Cards announces

Square Enix has announced that wood of the cards: the dragon of the island Ruge is receiving an independent sequel called _OVoice of Cards: the abandoned maid. The new card-based role play will be released on February 17 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC through Steam. The Voice of Cards franchise is remarkably from the Nier Series Creator, Yoko Taro.

Instead of being connected directly, Square Enix affirms that while _OVoice of Cards: the abandoned maid is a sequel, the new players can also enjoy it without playing the previous entrance of the franchise. In addition to Yoko Taro as creative director, Keiichi Okabe works as musical director, Kimihiko Fujisaka performs as a character designer. Yosuke Saito is figure as an executive producer.

Voice of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden - Announcement Trailer | PS4

«Located on a remote chain of islands that have been protected by the maidens for generations, the shift adventure will make the players continue to the protagonist to save the people of the island as they face the threat of destruction,” is read in the announcement official. part. “In this moving story set in a world of melancholy beauty, the players will sail towards High Seas, along with Lab, a girl who failed to become maiden».

That said, it could be worth taking a look at the cards: the dragon of the island ruge_ anyway in forecasting the new title. According to Jamie Lovett de, it’s pretty good. «[T] hose that risks wood of cards may be surprised,” says our review last year. “His table style is endearing and a testimony of the idea that the exciting adventure transcends the need for cinematic scenes. OVOZ of cards Return to put the ‘game’ in a ‘role play’ in a fun, convincing and reflective way that will delight the players throughout their time with him. “

As previously noted, OVoice of Cards: the abandoned maiden will be launched for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC through Steam on February 17. The title is an independent video game and not an expansion of the Voice of Cards title launched previously. Well of the letters: the dragon of the island Ruge. You can check all our previous Square Enix coverage in general here.

What do you think of what we have seen from OVoice of cards: the abandoned maiden So far? Are you excited to see another more title in the Voice of Yoko Taro series? Let us know in the comments, or feel free to communicate and contact me directly on Twitter in @rollinbishop to talk about everything related to games!

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