Rogue Company: New season starts with a new map and fresh battle

Last year, First Watch Games has steadily developed the action-packed gameplay of its blockbuster shooter Rogue Company and publishes a total of six playable agents. With the published update “Neochrom” the starting signal falls for the first season of year 2.

The Third-Person Shooter Rogue Company by Publisher Hi-Rez is played by more than 25 million players on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC (Epic & Steam) and Nintendo Switch and has CrossSplay functionality Between all supported platforms.

New ranking season: From now on, players can pick up their rewards for the past ranking season in the game and start hunting the top places in the new ranking season. After resetting the MMR, all players restart on the program, which is at best crowned with the ascension to the prestigious stage “Agent”. In the queue for RanklistMatches, the game mode King of the Hill is now offered from the new update.

New card: Melting point: At the start of year 2 in Rogue Company, the first of four new cards planned for 2022 appears: melting point.

*NEW MAP* MELTDOWN (Gameplay) - PTS Testing for the New Rogue Company Season!
High in the north at the Arctic Circle, the first real artificial intelligence was developed in a secret research facility with an attached geothermal power plant. Jackal sabotaged the power plant on an idle volcano, which triggered the self-destructive mechanism. Can the Rogue Company prevent the catastrophe?

Verticality is at the center of the new card. It’s about taking over the opposing team and do not leave the lava on the ground.

To celebrate the publication of the new map is available in the shop from today the melting point starter packet. It contains the ronin outfit “Arctic Flame”, the weapon “Dragonshand” and 300 Rogue Bucks.

New Battle Pass: Neochrom: With today’s neochrome update, the Battle Pass of the same name appears. To climb the total of 50 levels, players do not need to do more than play enough matches. As rewards, among other things, Wingsuits, emotes and player titles are waiting, some of them can be fully free. The Neochrom Battle Pass also offers the opportunity to unlock steps with reputation, the free collectible currency in Rogue Company.

With the Cybernetic Upgrades of the Neochrom Battle Pass, High Tech comes on the battlefield of Rogue Company. Among other things, the mythical weapon kin “Silver Assassins” – with reactive effects when firing the weapon – and the outfit “Mech Fighter” can be unlocked for CHAAC.

The Battle Pass package available for 1000 Rogue Bucks shuts off the SwitchBlade outfit “Dystopia” immediately when buying and provides access to the premium rewards, which can be activated on the higher levels, including the outfits Dark Web Vy and Laserblick Fixer.

More free rewards: The agent champion system will be extended with year 2 to add additional rewards for master steps 6 and 7. These animated avatars and banners are now released on these agent. A new optional feature allows players now to make additional reputation by Ansheet of short commercials.

Project Saint: As part of the initiative started last year Project Saint , the developers also use this update great value to implement general improvements for _ Rogue Company _ . The Neochrome update brings changes to the HUD, which will make it easier for players to recognize the status of their gadgets and armor of co-opposing and counterparts at a glance. The patch notes is available here.

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