GTA 6 officially announced: Rockstar confirms development of Grand Theft Auto 6!

Some things are actually completely obvious, and yet it is a sensation when they happen. So it is with the following message: Rockstar terminates high-official GTA 6 for the first time ! Grand Theft Auto 6 is therefore in development. This officially announced GTA developer Rockstar Games on his Twitter channel.

When does GTA 6 appear?

So far, so in his way sensational, what you can read from it that Twitter explodes whether this self-evident just explodes. The fact that GTA 6 appeared was finally as obvious as the morning sunrise. But who has now hoped for a publication date of GTA 6, he has to recover his expectations. And there is also a trailer to GTA 6 not yet, as little the target platforms. However, it is quite assumed that GTA 6 will appear for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X. No, the announcement was very simple via text:

_ “Many of you asked us about a new game in the Grand-Theft Auto Series. With each new project, our goal is to significantly increase ourselves with the last project and grow beyond the previously d1. It is us one Joy of being able to confirm that the next part of the series is in active development. “_

When is there GAMEplay to GTA 6?

Rockstar Announces Next Grand Theft Auto, Likely GTA 6
So you see: The infolitis is clear. Not even the name GTA 6 (Buy Now 19.99 €) or just Grand Theft Auto 6 was confirmed by Rockstar Games, only by a “new game of the series” is the speech. GTA 6 as a name would be logical that logic at Rockstar Games is not always a crucial factor, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas already proved in the past.

Even without an official announcement, GTA 6 has been quasi in the headlines for years, because rumors to the alleged level of development existed and there are all alls. Sometimes the release of GTA 6 should be in the future forever forever forever in the future, sometimes there is a supposed reference to the approaching release date of Grand Theft Auto 6, sometimes it is enough if a GTA fan storms the stage of the Star.

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Allegedly, from the developer studio Rockstar Games, apart from GTA 6 in the foreseeable future, no other game is expected.

Officially rock star had never been compromised. Now we have the reassuring certainty: Yes, GTA 6 is real. So now it is said to wait for GAMEplay from GTA 6 in a gamingplay that will probably open between now and May 2099. And who knows, until then maybe even Half-Life 3 was officially announced. Finally, signs and miracles happen.

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