[Steam today] Ancient Roman Turn Ja RPG, Expedition: Roman Topics

On January 21, the steam sales volume in the world has participated in a number of new chapters. Among them, a new game that collects topics between gamers is a new ‘Expedition: Rome (Expedition: Rome) of the Danish Developer Logic Artists, which has made a turn-based RPG series’ Expedition’ as a history. I have been expecting it among fans before the release, and immediately after the release, steam sales entered TOP 10.

Expedition: Rome is a turn-based RPG as a background as an ancient Rome as you can see in the name. After the father was killed by a static that his father was murdered to a static, he will escape Rome and deal with the Greek rebellion to suppress the Greek rebel. The hero is active as a ‘Regents’, which is an ancient Rome’s army, and is active in the commander who is conducting a war in Greece, North Africa, and Gala. In the process, it will move with five of his colleagues, and the battle is a turn-based manner that emphasized the strategy.

It is not much for the steam user review, but the initial assessment is ‘positive’. The opinions of a satisfactory tranquility, such as war, stories, characters, customizing elements, and combat, such as the three regions, and the entire contents such as the entry, However, the language barriers are not supported, while the amount of text in the game is not available.

In addition, a number of new units also revealed the two. Lego Star Wars, which is released on April 6: Skywalker Saga, War Game Series The production team made a strategy game that made the Virtual World War II, a strategy game WARN, Hitman 3 was seated. Among them, the title of eye-catching is WARN, and it is said that it is a must that it is unfortunate that the content is not enough for content, considered to be ahead.


Meanwhile, in the middle of the team, he was in the ranking of the simultaneous connection. The god of War who has gathered many eyes after launching the steam, and the Final Fantasy 14, the project, has also escaped. PIPA 22, Warframe, Rainbow Six: Ship was joined.

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