PlayStation boasts from God of War in Steam Deck with a game image on the Valve laptop

We live really strange times in video games. Nintendo no longer has a portable console and a desktop, but has Nintendo Switch doing both. Microsoft now relies on Xbox Game Pass, a video game subscription service. PlayStation is carrying its exclusive PC, something we would never have imagined. And Valve has stopped focusing solely on computers, presenting a portable console with the name of Steam Deck.

If someone told us all this ten years ago, we would probably treat him crazy, but it is already a reality. So rare it is that it is normal for us to surprise us to see images like the shared in its official Twitter profile by Shula Yeshiva , one of the main visible faces of PlayStation that is now responsible for the Sony Indies section.

In it, we see God of War running at Steam Deck , with the Japanese celebrating the power to enjoy the title originally developed by Santa Monica on the Valve laptop. The game has been launched less than a week ago in Steam harvesting very good reviews both by the public and the press, and those who have reserved one of these machines will be able to live the experience of the Blockbuster starring Rates and Atreus in portable mode.

Steam Deck’s compatible list is still updating God of War seems to be one of the compatible with Steam Deck , which has an official list that is updating with the different titles that the developers confirm They work correctly on the platform. In fact, the list is increasingly broad and has all kinds of proposals:

In relation to the launch of the Santa Monica game on PC, it should be noted that it has closed the week by leading the Steam Sales Top, in this way confirming its success among the users of the Valve store. In fact, on his first day he accumulated a multitude of simultaneous players, standing above other major exclusives of PlayStation that they have ended up taking their jump to computers.

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