Penalty conceded: Malawi screams past a sensation against Senegal

The generalizes occupied with several stars had not convinced in the tournament — and that continued against Malawi. Although the lions caught a decent start and had a big chance in person from Mane: the Liverpool er succeeded the leather after a cross pass of the Munich Carr just Keeper and Tor (8.).

But after that was almost nothing about the Senegalese, the outsider had some opportunities to record. Mumbai Brutal’s bullet from 20 meters flew just over the housing of World Orphic Wendy (18th), Mango took a free kick from 20 meters of measure, the leather was still descended and missed the gate only a few centimeters (34.).

The Senegal was stronger after the break, but the consequence he left further. After a free kick from left, Koulibaly extended to Habit Dial lo, but Keeper Thou skillfully steered the header over the lath (52.). Even with a free kick from a pointed angle of Guam, the attentive final person was on the spot (60th).

Penalty for Malawi is taken back

So really shocked faces are seen at the Senegal then in the 76th minute. For the referee decided after a slight holding of Carr on left-back China on a penalty for Malawi, but was called to the video screen — and decided to decide correctly.

But that too was not a right Allowance for the Senegal, who remained surprisingly harmless. The substitute Died failed by volley shock against the slightly hobbling keeper Thou, actually only the number two at Malawi (85th), shortly thereafter, the draw was perfect.


Referee writes story

Ultimately, the mowed performance was half so wild for the Senegal, because in the parallel game Zimbabwe made a 2-1 success against Guinea Schützenhilfe and helped the lion to the group victory. A small chapter Football story wrote Saliva Mukansanga from Rwanda: The referee headed Guinea against Zimbabwe and thus the first woman a game of the African continental championship.

In spite of the defeat, Guinea remained second, Malawi, with four points as a group-writer, has the best opportunities on the progress.

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